How to Dress Like Rachel Amber


Complete Guide of The Life is Strange Rachel Amber Costume

Although she never appears in person, Rachel Dawn Amber is a major character of the video game series, Life is Strange. 

Rachel attended Blackwell academy. She was close to Chloe Price, and they both dreamed of leaving Arcadia Bay together. Although her character is a mystery, we do know a little about her.

Generally, she is considered to be a nice and popular girl but, rebellious at the same time too. Often, she gets  termed as a party animal and a drug-addict. Rachel had an affection for punk-rock, like Chloe. She seemingly has a caring personality and is loved by those close to her. According to Chloe, Rachel was smart, and she had an eye for art like Max. People also assume that Rachel is more girly and idealistic than Chloe. Moreover, Rachel happens to be more of an ambitious person.

You will need six items to dress up as the interesting, intriguing, and mysterious, Rachel Amber.

May the best costume be yours!


Red and Black Check Flannel Plaid Shirt

 The very first thing you need for your Rachel Amber Costume is this Red & Black Check Flannel Plaid Shirt. With its front-button closure and 100% pure cotton material, it is extremely comfortable to wear. The three-quarter sleeves and the slightly upright collar has been particularly styled to give the same Rachel-like look.


Rachel Amber’s T-Shirt

Here’s your second key element to the Rachel Amber Costume. The slim-fit shirt, manufactured from a durable and comfortable fabric. Being a slim-fit shirt, it looks amazing under the Red & Black flannel shirt.


Black Distressed Jeans

Next in the Rachel Amber Costume, is this modish Black Distressed Jeans. Since the jeans have been manufactured from stretchy jegging fit, even a size smaller will fit you well. The jeans have five pockets and go well with multiple outfits.


Blue Feather Earring and Bracelet

Unlike the majority of other costumes, Rachel Amber Costume might appear like an ordinary one. An attire that might not be as easy for your audience to recognize. But we know how unique Rachel is and so, we haven’t missed even a single detail! Here are your blue feather earring and bracelet. Being merchandise, it is an exact replication of the original. The best part is, you can wear it with other outfits and still symbolize your love for Rachel Amber.


Black Converse High-Top Sneakers

Shoes form a vital part of every outfit. This essential part of your dressing gives a long-lasting impression to your audience. Thus, you shall not, at any cost, compromise with Rachel’s Black Converse High-Top Sneakers shoes. These Canvas Converse have medial eyelets for Airflow along with Ortholite insole for cushioning. Thus, ensuring a comfortable walk.


Brown Leather Belt

Admit it or not, the relatively thin brown belt in Rachel’s attire, with its bold yellow-brown buckle often catches our attention. The brown leather belt has a deep association with Rachel’s sharp and attentive attitude. It’s been crafted from high-quality premium leather.