How to Dress Like Red Blood Cell


Complete Guide of The Cells at Work Red Blood Cell Costume

AE3803 better known as, Red Blood Cell, is one of the main protagonists of the famous anime, Cells At Work! 

Like in the human body, Red Blood Cells’ job is to deliver packages of oxygen to different parts of the body. AE3803 is determined yet forgetful whose forgetfulness often gets in the way of her deliveries as she keeps getting lost. Nevertheless, she works hard to become as reliable as her co-workers and is very much devoted to her job. Red Blood Cell is very lively and cheery when talking with others. Moreover, she never hesitates when it comes to helping others or apologizing. Speaking of which, she is very apologetic as she is well-aware of the mistakes she makes. It is also the reason why she is easily frightened. Despite this, when circumstances get demanding, she never backs off. Instead, she gets more determined than ever to get the job done even if she’s exhausted to the core.

An average-sized red blood cell with short red hair and amber eyes AE3803 wears the red blood cell uniform. The tricky part is, how do you recreate the exact look of this iconic character? Well, we have taken care of this question before you even thought of it! Down below, you will find a complete and comprehensive guide to the Red Blood Cell Costume. 


Red Cropped Jacket

First up, we have this red cropped jacket. Inspired by the original Red Blood Cell Costume, it is an exact replica of the red blood cell uniform. Made up of high quality, comfortable fabric this jacket is essential for the Red Blood Cell Costume because if you have it, you’re already halfway through! However, the other items on this guide are equally important too.


Black T-Shirt

To wear under the red cropped jacket, we have this slim-fit black T-shirt. Undeniably, this is a great addition to your everyday wardrobe because seriously, when does a black t-shirt not come in handy? 


Short Denim Shorts

Moving on, we have these short denim shorts which are similar to the one AE3803 wears in the original  Red Blood Cell Costume. It is trendy, stylish and just the right pair of shorts to get you the look you need.


White Gloves

These white cotton gloves are a part of the red blood cell uniform we see her wearing throughout the show. Although small, these lightweight gloves are an important part of the Red Blood Cell Costume. They are easy-to-stretch which assures comfortability. 


Black Socks

Under her boots, she wears black socks which are clearly visible in the anime. Thus, you cannot wear just any pair of socks. Made up of handpicked cotton, they are suitable for everyday use too.


Red Boots

The Red Blood Cell Costume demands red and black dressing, from head-to-toe (with the exception of shorts). Thus these red boots are a significant part of the attire too. They have a rubber sole and are identical to the ones we see in the anime. Furthermore, these boots feature side-pockets so you can also carry your belongings in them.


Red Blood Cell Wig

To get hair identical to the original  Red Blood Cell Costume, you will be needing a wig. This is the closest match to AE3803’s hair. Also, this wig is inspired by the manga itself.


Red Newsboy Hat With Black Bill

An important accessory for the  Red Blood Cell Costume, this hat is one of the most noticeable features of the attire. This red newsboy hat with black hill can be doubled up with many other outfits as well. 


Red Belt

Last on the list, we have this belt. We see Red Blood Cell wearing this belt in the anime as well as manga thus, making it a part of the Red Blood Cell Costume. It is durable and stretchy.