How to Dress Like Red Skull


Full Guide of The Captain America The First Avenger Red Skull Costume

In the modern day incarnation of the ancient Hydra-Society, John Schmidt is the former head of the HYDRA- Abteilung which is a special weapons division of the Nazi Schutzstaffel. The character is portrayed by Hugo Weaving and is also known as Red Skull/ Stone Keeper. Initially, he was a brilliant scientist who worked hard and made his way to being an Adolf Hitler confidant. However, his desire to achieve superiority led him to test the Superior Soldier Serum on himself. Due to which he ended up being transformed into the horrifying and hideous Red Skull. He is someone who is highly obsessed with power. He believes that mankind is fated to be ruled over by some super-human, supernatural creature. Which is a position he aims to achieve. Along with being an excellent combatant and scientist, the Red skull is also highly manipulative. This makes him a rather challenging and daring character to cosplay. But here we are ¬†to make things a whole lot of easier. So you need not worry, just go through this Red skull costume and you’re all set and ready!


Red Skull Trench Coat

This collarless Red Skull Trench Coat is manufactured from genuine leather and features a black leather belt with design on the buckle. The length and cuts are in accordance with the original Red Skull trench. One can not simply dare to cosplay the Stonekeeper without this Trench coat. That’s because it is undoubtedly the most vital element of the entire Red skull costume.


Red Skull Black Pant

As black as Red skull’s aims, the slim-fit Red Skull black pant is manufactured from soft fabric with drawstring girdle. Its special design makes the pant look less monotonous so that you may utilize it with a number of other outfits. Its bottom is elastic and there are two pockets on both the sides.


Red Skull Belt

Made from Canvas, the Red Skull belt has a zinc alloy buckle which gives it a distinctive look. It has an adjustable length as the belt can be cut-shorter by opening the buckle. Needless to say, this is might come in handy to many.


Red Skull Mask

Red Skull Costume is probably hollow and utterly incomplete without this epic, breathtaking Red Skull Mask. Not only will it make your cosplaya success but will grant you an enthralling experience as your entire look will become 10 times more impressive and realistic. Moreover, it is very convenient and comfortable to wear!


Red Skull Black Leather Gloves

How can the Stonekeeper leave his super-human hands all naked and bare? For someone that superior and sneaky, the Red Skull Black leather gloves are a must-have. Manufactured from ultrathin Cabretta Leather with 3M Scotchgard Water Repellency, these tactile gloves will definitely allow the most precise movements with extreme accuracy. These are skin tight yet durable.


Red Skull Leather Boots

Last in the Red Skull costume, are the Red Skull boots.These boots complete your Red skull look and an effective investment. Their rubber outsole with its year welt technology for slip resistant and protectio,  guarantees comfort and durability.