How to Dress Like Sabretooth


Complete Guide of The X-Men Origins Wolverine Sabretooth Costume

The X-Men Origins is perhaps one of the most famous movie series with Wolverine Sabretooth also being one of the most famous mutants. 

Portrayed by Hugh Jackman in the best possible way, Liev Schreiber is better known as Logan or Wolverine. Logan is a complicated man who may seem angry all the time, but deep down, he is a selfless and extremely loyal person. With a huge fan-following comes a huge demand for costume guides too. Here, we have compiled an authentic guide to the Sabretooth Costume, which will help you transform into the most iconic character of all time in a jiffy!


Black Trench Coat

Nothing can express the evil aura of Sabretooth than a long black trench coat. This coat is a mandatory part of Sabretooth Costume. Made up of high quality fleece material and double lined with satin viscose, it provides adequate warmth in winters. The stylish double breasted collar looks chic and formal. Inner pockets holds the essentials safely. 


Black Military Field Jacket

This black military field jacket is also an essential part of Sabretooth Costume. The actor Liev Schreiber can be seen wearing the jacket and the long coat both in the movie Wolverine. The zippers are supported with buttons. Also, the two front chest pockets looks trendy. The flap on the shoulders exhibits a rough look which supports the villianish character. 


Fake Mutton Chops Sideburns in Chestnut

Like every fan would know, the Sabretooth Costume is incomplete without these sideburns. Seriously though, don’t we all know, sideburns and Wolverine go together? These self-adhesive sideburns help in achieving that particular wolf look you need, instantaneously. Indeed, it is a mandatory part for the cosplay. 


Fake Finger Claws

Without props, a costume is nothing but incomplete. This is the prop that completes the Sabretooth Costume. The fake finger claws fits perfectly in the fingers. Furthermore, it looks absolutely natural from a distance and can not be identified easily. 


Dog Tags with Chain

Moving on, we have these dog tags with chain. The Sabretooth Costume is

incomplete without these iconic dog tags. Made up of high quality steel and rubber, they are rust resistant. Also, it can be worn in hot weather as sweat won’t affect the shine and texture. So make sure whatever you do, do it with style!


Black Dress Shirt

Made up of high quality synthetic material, this stylish black shirt is wrinkle free and easy-to-use. The traditional button down design is supported with front pocket and fitted handcuffs. The pointed collar is designed to support tie knots making it an ideal formal wear. Undeniably, this classy black dress shirt is a great addition to your occasional wardrobe.


Black Work Pants

These black work pants is a must have for Sabretooth Costume. The wrinkle free material makes the utility easy and comfortable. The crease remains after many washes making it more practical for everyday consumption. Additionally, the slim fit design suits all ages. 


Black Combat Boots

A stylish choice for the Sabretooth fans. The ankle high length is perfect for bikers and outdoor activities. It features a special lace-up design which looks stylish along with the side zip which gives perfect fitting. Furthermore, a heavy rubber sole provides a secure grip and prevents slipping. 


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