How To Dress Like Scarface – Scarface Outfit


How To Dress Like Scarface – Scarface Outfit

Tony Montana otherwise known as “Scarface,” played by Al Pacino, is quite possibly one of the most famous people in film history. With his popular criminal style, he is somebody worth cosplaying. Follow this ensemble guide and the world is yours.

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Tony Montana is known best for his White Twofold Breasted Dress Suit with a polished Men’s Standard Fit Dress Shirt.

Add a similar 100 percent Silk Red and White Handkerchief to spruce up the suit. Cap off the look with a couple of Stacy Adams Atticus Oxford shoes with people of color’s Cotton Socks.

Scarface Suit


White Dress Suit

The fantastic “White Dress Suit” exemplified by Al Pacino’s description of Tony Montana in the film “Scarface” has grown above simple dress to turn into an idea of the film’s eternal effect.

With its fluffy plan and confident strut, this famous outfit has become inseparable from the practice of perhaps of film’s multiple vital persons.

Scarface Shirt


Red Dress Shirt

The red dress shirt, much worn by Al Pacino’s personality Tony Montana in the movie “Scarface,” is a favored part of his clear outfit. This special apparel, blended with a white suit coat and dim jeans, has evolved into a part of Tony’s solid and smart style.

It suffices as a pictorial description of his wonderful someone and unembarrassed direction to addressing life in the profession of relieved bad manners.

Scarface Pocket Square


Red Pocket Square

The extension of red cloth to Al Pacino’s personality Tony Montana’s meeting in “Scarface” seals in as a legitimate yet strong feature to his notorious outfit.

This little detail, fixed inside the pocket of his white suit coat, adds an existence of tastefulness and style to Tony’s public form.

The enthusiasm of the red color depicts Tony’s confirmation and determination, thinking back to his unflinching person and certification to move to the most raised place of the criminal secret world.

Scarface Chain


Gold Chain Link Necklace

The gold chain link necklace, a star expansion worn by Al Pacino’s character Tony Montana in “Scarface,” is a fundamental part of his famous outfit.

This assessment article drains extravagance and abundance, thinking back to Tony’s optimistic way of life and enthusiasm for quality and power.

Hung close to his neck, the gold chain counts a hint of overabundance to his clothing, finishing the smooth lines of his white suit and red dress shirt.

Scarface Glasses


Vintage Sun Glasses

Made with a classic charm, the shades decorating Al Pacino’s depiction of Tony Montana in “Scarface” are something beyond a design proclamation — they’re an image of his amazing presence.

These shades not only safeguard his eyes from the Miami sun but also project a quality of distant certainty and interest.

With each determined move in the hidden world, the shades act as a wake-up call of Tony’s determined disposition and resolute determination.d sureness, immaculately further cultivating Tony’s striking style choices.

Scarface Socks


Red Cotton Socks

While not normally the point of convergence of his group, the red cotton socks worn by Al Pacino’s personality Tony Montana in “Scarface” add an unobtrusive yet striking touch to his general look.

These downplayed embellishments, looking out from underneath his pants, give a pop of variety that supplements Tony’s striking and showy style.

Scarface Cosplay Gun


Airsoft Gun Spring

In “Scarface,” the airsoft firearm spring is an essential part of Tony Montana’s personality definition, generally during the climacteric scenes of the film.

As an essential assistance in his outfit, it offers Tony’s help on capacity and his class to utilize monsters to accomplish his objectives. Regardless of its non-perilous nature, the airsoft firearm spring fills in as areas of strength for one of Tony’s cutthroat people and his proclivity for the activity to come.

Scarface Shoes


Brown Oxford Shoes

In “Scarface,” the decision of earthy colored oxford shoes for Al Pacino’s personality Tony Montana’s outfit is an unobtrusive yet huge detail.

These exemplary footwear pieces add a bit of complexity and refinement to Tony’s group, diverging from the strength of his other clothing decisions


In conclusion, dressing like Scarface is a unique choice from repeating his eminent division; it nearly addresses the strong feeling and gutsy style of Al Pacino’s personality, Tony Montana.

Each piece of Scarface’s outfit adds to his surprising persona, from the rich white suit to the serious embellishments like fascinating shades and abrasive tinted Oxford shoes.