How to Dress Like Shank


Complete Guide of The Ralph Breaks The Internet Shank Costume

In the movie, Ralph Breaks the internet Shank’s a tanned skin woman who apparently gives off a “bad-girl” vibe. However, the warmth and wisdom of this major character is hidden beneath the surface. Shank is a person who prefers being honest rather than being soft-spoken.

Her sharply defined features are harmonized with her rough and fierce clothing. She seems to wear a cool hoodie with slim-fit jeans. She also wears a bronze belt with the buckle of a skull and black boots. She wears fingerless gloves and prefers keeping her nails painted.

So basically, Shank’s the tough girl who’s undeniably gorgeous. To achieve the same dazzling look, just go through our Shank Costume guide!


Shank Jacket

This cool jacket is made from top quality real leather thus is durable and long lasting. It has a stylish zipper design with spacious pockets so that you can easily carry your belongings wherever you go. 


Shank Hoodie

In the movie,  Shank is seen switching her jacket with this hoodie thus the garment has become a widely recognized part of the Shank Costume. The hoodie is made with a comfortable and warm fabric and has a single front zipper. 


Shank Trousers

The unique pattern of these trousers sets them apart from any other trouser. The faded and frayed look of these trousers provide Shank with her bad girl appearance. Thus, to recreate a similar look one must include these trousers in her Shank Costume. 


Shank Earrings Hoops

These metallic golden earring hoops are important feature of the Shank costume. It provides the class and glamour present in Shank’s personality. 


Shank Knife Tatoos

To cosplay a perfect Shank Costume one must not forget to add these knife tattoos to the attire. It provides with a daring and dark look which gives out those bad girl vibes. Certainly,  the Shank Costume stands incomplete without these tattoos. 


Shank Boot

These boots are designed specially with buckle and straps to suit Shank’s exceptional character. The boots have a firm and strong grip which makes them appropriate for not only cosplays but for long walks too. 


Shank Belt

This belt is made from a shiny durable material and is adjustable. Also,  it can be used for on many other occasions thus is a worthy investment! 


Shank Buckle

The most significant feature of the Shank Costume is this buckle. The skull,  snakes and the rose on the buckle make it a symbol of boldness and courage present in Shank’s personality. 


Shank Gloves

These gloves have an inner lining to ensure wearer’s comfort and can be adjusted to a variation of sizes.