How to Dress Like Sheldon Cooper


Complete Guide of The Big Bang Theory Sheldon Cooper Costume

Sheldon Lee Cooper is the main protagonist of the famous television series, Big Bang Theory. Born a prodigy, Sheldon started college at age 11 and completed his Ph.D. at the age of 16. He is a Caltech theoretical physicist who wears vintage superhero tees and has a tenuous understanding of sarcasm, and puns like the true intellectual he are. Unapologetically himself, Sheldon takes pride in his geekiness and often uses it as a source of humor by pulling scientific pranks on his friends. He has developed some of his personality with the help of his friends like Penny. He is one of the iconic characters in the show, and the fans love him! So are you looking for a guide to help you dress like the famous Cooper? Then fret no more! Here we have a detailed Sheldon Cooper costume breakdown just for you.


Sheldon Cooper Jacket

Sheldon Cooper had a thing for vintage apparel, so it is a must to include one in your Sheldon Cooper costume. This jacket is a replica of the one worn by Sheldon in the show. It is made from high-quality cotton fabric with an inner lining of viscose material for additional comfort. The fine stitching of this jacket guarantees durability.


Rubik’s Cube Melting T-Shirt

Another addition to Sheldon’s vintage apparel is this cool Rubik’s cube melting T-shirt because this shirt not only gives retro vibes but also compliments Sheldon’s nerdy personality with the Rubik’s cube. This shirt is made of 100% cotton material.



Flash Logo T-Shirt

Sheldon is a huge fan of superheroes. He is often seen wearing this red flash logo t-shirt, and this is why we highly recommend you to include this in your Sheldon Cooper costume. This shirt is made of fine quality cotton material and can be machine washed and tumble dried.


Long Sleeves Striped Scallop T-Shirt

Sheldon preferred to wear undershirts and a lot of times he has worn this exact long sleeves striped scallop t-shirt in the show. It is made of quality fabric and stitched finely to meet the high standard of durable costume wear. You can pair it with any tee, and it would look instantly give you Big Bang’s Sheldon Cooper vibes. It is indeed a must-have for your Sheldon Cooper costume!


Straight Fit Flat Front Pant

A Sheldon Cooper costume would be incomplete without a straight fit front pant even if you are pairing it with a t-shirt. This pant is recommended because of the stretchy waistband and wrinkle-resistant technology. Also, it features a softer, flexible, and stronger premium fabric.


Skechers Casual Sneakers

Shoes are a must to complete any outfit. For your Sheldon Cooper costume, we recommend you these Skechers casual sneakers. They are made of quality leather material, and soles are made of rubber for a good grip. Also, this pair has a memory foam insole and breathable mesh lining.


Timex Highland Street Watch

For final touches to your Sheldon Cooper costume, we have this Times Highland Street watch. Sheldon is strict about routine, so including this watch in your costume is an absolute necessity! Its analog display with the brown leather band gives a classy look.


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