How to Dress Like the 4th Doctor


Complete Guide of The Tom Baker Fourth Doctor Costume

Who isn’t familiar with the very popular, Fourth Doctor? Portrayed by Tom Baker, the fourth doctor is a leading character of the science fiction series “The Fourth Doctor Adventures”. This is basically the fourth version of “Doctor Who?” , which in total has 11 versions.
From the planet of Gallifrey, the Doctor is basically an extraterrestrial being. He travels the entire universe in a time-traveling spaceship called T.A.R.D.I.S. (Its stands for Time And Relative Dimension in Space.) He’s usually accompanied by his fellows in most of his travels.
Thirsty for knowledge and motivated by curiosity, the fourth doctor sets off to travel Cosmos in this incarnation. He wishes to explore time and space and make the most of his regained freedom.
With his tall and towering figure, the Fourth doctor has an authoritative and distant personality. He is also capable of being genuinely warm as represent in a few certain moments.
He also has a darker edge to his personality but can also be aloof at a time.
Throughout the series, he appears to be highly unpredictable with his emotional depth in comparison to his previous incarnations. His eccentric style of dress and speech best represent his personality. His attire was mainly inspired by paintings.
Here we have compiled all that is necessary to cosplay the very unique yet charming, Fourth Doctor!


the Fourth Doctor Leather Jacket

The very first product in our 4th doctor costume is this brown leather jacket. This is a medium-sized and finely tailored jacket which best represents the sherlock-holmes touch that 4th Doctor had to himself.


Suede Brown Fedora

The very first product in our 4th doctor costume is this brown leather jacket. This is a medium-sized and finely tailored jacket which best represents the sherlock-holmes touch that 4th Doctor had to himself.


Curly Hair Wig

Next up, is the very essential part of the 4th doctor costume, that is; the curly hair wig. It is brownish black in color and is manufactured from the best material. It can be styled and washed as per required. Moreover, it comes at a highly reasonable price!


Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver in the 4th Doctor Costume is a hand tool that is frequently used by the 4th doctor throughout the series. He uses this to lock or unlock doors, disarm weapons and electronics, like a flashlight, to certain substances and what not.
This replicated prop is very much similar in appearance to the original one. And of course, is an essential component of the 4th doctor costume.


the Fourth Doctor Breasted Coat

Available at a highly affordable rate, the Fourth Doctor Breasted Coat does not only complete the Fourth Doctor Costume but also gives a smart look to almost every other outfit. You can absolutely use it multiple times!
Also, it has a buttoned closure and is manufactured with the finest fabric.


Happy Days Fonzie Vest

To complete the 4th Doctor Costume, Happy Days Fonzie Vest is also included in it. It has buttoned closure and is tailored in such a manner that it would neither be too loose nor too tight. It would look perfect when worn under a coat, just like the fourth doctor.


Happy Days Fonzie Tie

This Happy Days Fonzie Tie is also used in the 4th Doctor Costume. Enriched in colour, this tie is of standard size that is 38 inches.


Happy Days Fonzie Pant

This slim fit blue jeans is made from 100% cotton and is also suitable to machine wash. It complete the 4th doctor costume and can also be used in multiple outfits. It has comfortable waistband and the fabric is highly long-lasting.


Happy Days Fonzie Shirt

Happy Days Fonzie Shirt is a white collared dress shirt which is to be worn under the Fonzie Vest. It is tailored according to standard measurements.


Happy Days Fonzie Shoes

Happy Days Fonzie shoes are the very last but a very essential product of the 4th Doctor Costume. They have slight heels and give a complete and classy look to the entire outfit.