How to Dress Like The Pokemon Sword and Shield Sonia


Complete Guide of The Pokemon Sword and Shield Sonia Costume

Taking place in the Galar Region, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield is the first new pair of games by Generation VIII. Sonia is one of the most famous characters appearing in the game.
She is the granddaughter of Professor Magnolia and also doubles up as her assistant. Just like the Scottish Female Pokemon Trainer, Sonia gained much popularity and was made the subject of many fan-arts upon the announcement of her character. Sonia is a much-loved character and is known for helping others.  Apart from that, she is very knowledgeable too. A childhood friend of Leon, she always gives practical advice to her friends. Sonia is described as a slender young woman with turquoise eyes and ginger hair.
With the character being an instant hit, fans of the Pokemon franchise are going nuts after the costume. Thus, we compiled this guide to the Pokemon Sword and Shield Sonia Costume, exclusively for you!ginger-orange-long-wig

Ginger Orange Long Wig

Yes, not all of us have those beautiful, long ginger hair from The Pokemon Sword and Shield Sonia Costume. It is made up of high-quality synthetic fiber and, is heat resistant. It has a rose net cap, which makes it extremely breathable. Also, it is adjustable, which makes it easy-to-wear.


Thick Black Sunglasses with Orange Lenses

It is seen in The Pokemon Sword and Shield Sonia Costume that she wears thick black sunglasses with orange lenses, like these. These glasses have a durable, plastic frame, which makes it super-lightweight. 

Short Khaki Double-Breasted Trench Coat

Next up on the list, is this classic short khaki double-breasted trench coat. In the original Pokemon Sword and Shield Sonia Costume, we see that she wears a short light brown trenchcoat, identical to this one. This durable trench coat is made up of polyester and, is a valuable addition to your wardrobe. Furthermore, it is highly comfortable, windproof, and water-repellent. 


Green V-Neck Shirt

Under the trench coat, she wears a green v-neck shirt. This lightweight shirt is the closest match to the one seen in the gameplay. Not only is the comfy shirt ideal for The Pokemon Sword and Shield Sonia Costume but also, is a great addition to your day-to-day closet. 


Green Rubber Rain Boots

These green rubber boots perfectly complement the aura of The Pokemon Sword and Shield Sonia Costume. They are highly comfortable and, are made to last. Plus, they can be used in several ways such as (garden boots, rain boots, other cosplays, etc.) 


White Wooden Mini Heart Discs

In The Pokemon Sword and Shield Sonia Costume, white hearts are on her hair, boots, her purse, everywhere. Thus, these white wooden mini heart discs are an important accessory for The Pokemon Sword and Shield Sonia Costume. They can be utilized for customizing the different parts of the costume, wherever relevant. 


Round Black Cross-Body Purs

Moving on, this black, round purse is just like the one Sonia wears in The Pokemon Sword and Shield Sonia Costume, as seen in the gameplay. Made up of canvas, this lightweight cross-body purse is a must-have for the outfit. Also, it is aesthetically stylish and can be paired up with many other outfits. 


Scorbunny Plush

Dressing up as a character from Pokemon without a Pokemon. That doesn’t sound right, does it? Due to this very reason, this Scorbunny plush is the perfect prop for The Pokemon Sword and Shield Sonia Costume. This plush is made up of high-quality plush fabric. Also, it is an amazing collectible for fans of the character.


Green Nail Polish

To add details to the overall look, The Pokemon Sword and Shield Sonia Costume demand this green nail polish. It is essential for the attire as it gives a dimension to the look. This color of nail polish isn’t very common, so it is bound to make heads turn. Moreover, it provides maximum coverage in one stroke.  


Large Black Leather Fashion Cuff Wristwatch

To finish off the look this large black leather fashion cuff wristwatch does the job. In The Pokemon Sword and Shield Sonia Costume, we see Sonia wearing a large black bracelet on her right hand, which is somewhat similar to this one. An exquisite accessory, the band is made up of genuine leather and is extremely comfy to wear. Plus, it is a cool addition to your watch collection too!










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