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Complete Guide of The The Umbrella Academy Uniform Costume

Behold! For the Umbrella Costume of the smartest 13-year-old is here! Yes, you read that right. Umbrella Academy’s Number Five happens to be one of the forty-three children born on a very dark, dark day of 1989 to mothers, who previously did not show even a single sign of pregnancy. Soon after his birth, the prideful, intellectual Number Five was adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves. Although we observe he has quite a disliking for Sir Reginald in the beginning, the fact that Number Five is highly caring and compassionate for his family. 

At the young age of 13, Number Five developed a desire of proving his potential, and so he pleaded Sir Reginald Hargreeves to allow him to take a substantially bigger spatial jump to the future. Even after consistent pleadings, Sir Reginald Hargreeves denied. Hence, he could not help but listen to himself. He jumped. And guess what? He jumped to the apocalyptic future where he lives for 60 years but came back in his 13-year-old body. Fast forwarding, his entire story, (for you must watch the show, if you haven’t already!), this character has a separate fan-base. Not only due to his super-intellectual personality but also due to super-cool and aesthetic Umbrella Academy uniform that he carried throughout the show. And if you wish to get into this super-awesome attire, keep reading!


Charcoal Gray Blazer Jacket

With a front button closure and full-length sleeves, Charcoal Gray Blazer Jacket happens to be the first and most essential component of the Umbrella Costume. The grey-colored wool coat has the legendary Umbrella Academy logo in the form of a brooch. Internally lined with viscose, the coat will certainly keep you warm and cozy. It also comes with four pockets, two on the outside and two on the inside.


Charcoal Heather Gray Shorts

Alright, this is the ironically cool part of the Umbrella Costume. Without it, the costume might not be as appealing and kicky as it presently is. Made from 80% polyester and 12% Cotton, these gray shorts are comfortable to wear and can also be washed in the machine.


Dark Burgundy Red Piping Trim Ribbon

This 10-yard-long dark burgundy-colored trim ribbon has a fine finish with a width of ⅜ inch. The smooth burgundy piping forms an essential part of this Umbrella Academy costume!


Black, Gray, and Red Argyle Sweater Vest

Number Five survives in cold as well as the warm weather in the same uniform. Hence, this soft, V-Neck sweater vest is a must. It comes in several colors, including black, gray, and red.


Black Necktie

Black Neck Tie, a coat, and neatly parted hair, yes, that’s what Dolores’s man doesn’t compromise on. The 57-inch-long black Neck Tie has a smooth satin finish with a width of 14-inches.


Umbrella Academy Crest Embroidered Patch

Umbrella Academy aims to save the day. Somewhat like our cute little Powerpuff girls, except that it deals with real-life human monsters. Undeniably, the logo represents it all. For that very reason, this Umbrella Academy Crest Embroidered Patch is a must-have!


Black Tube Socks

Black Tube Socks bring a dressy touch to the Umbrella Costume. Forming an essential part of Number Five’s athletic space-jumps, these socks are comfortable to wear. They have a porous texture, allowing air to pass through. Also, they are available in multiple sizes!


Shiny Black Oxford Dress Shoes

To end Number Five’s classy costume perfectly, you ought to opt for these shiny black oxford dress shoes. With a wingtip and lightly-cushioned footbed, the shoes are extremely comfortable to walk in. They are manufactured from high-quality, premium leather and are available at nominal rates!


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