How to Dress Like Vash The Stampede


Complete Guide Trigun Vash The Stampede Costume

The central character of the anime and manga series Trigun,  Vash the Stampede, is voiced over by the Japanese actor,  Masaya Onosaka. He is also referred to as The Humanoid Typhoon because of the chaos that often encompasses him. Vash is voiced over by the Japanese actor, Masaya Onosaka. He tours from city to city intending to learn and defend what his adoptive mother (Rem) valued most: Love and Peace. 


To hide his identity and make people feel secure around him, he often intensifies foolish traits. Vash also uses these extreme actions and persistent kindness as a way to hide his pain. He also exhibits an obsession for doughnuts, plays games with local kids, and occasionally makes strange puns and jokes. Vash is also known for helping and befriending adults. The other side of Vash is a darker one and is rarely revealed when he is in the company of others. This side of Vash is lonely, tortured one. He has endured a lot of pain the world inflicted upon him, but unlike his brother, he remains hopeful and loving towards mankind. His long-life and infamous reputation have resulted in the loss of many great friends and his own family too. 


If you are thinking about cosplaying as Vash, then you are in the best place because here, we have listed all the items that will transform you into the character in a jiffy! 

Happy Cosplaying!

Vash the Stampede Wig

First up on the list is this wig. Made up of high-quality synthetic fiber this heat-resistant wig helps you get the exact hair like Vash’s. This adjustable wig perfectly complements Vash The Stampede Costume. You can also stylize it to get the desired look.


Vash the Stampede Coat

Inspired by Vash The Stampede Costume, this red coat is made up of the best quality genuine leather. The double-breasted button closure provides comfort along with style. Featuring a stand-up collar, this stylish coat is made-to-last.


Orange Circular Sunglasses

In Vash The Stampede Costume, we see him wearing orange circular sunglasses, identical to these. These sunglasses have a retro frame and lenses which makes it super trendy and cool. Also, it is made up of high-quality and durable material. Also, it features adjustable nose pads which ensure comfort along with style.


Vash Gun Kit

Vash’s nickel revolver is his constant companion in his travels because even a person with endless mercy has to save his life, right? This realistic Vash gun kit is ideal for Vash The Stampede Costume. Furthermore, it is inspired by the anime itself. 



Brown Leather Gloves

An important detail of Vash The Stampede Costume, these brown leather gloves are super soft, lightweight and flexible. They are durable and have the touch-screen technology, which allows you to use your phone without having to take the gloves off. 


Black Pants

Moving on, these black pants are made up of cotton and elastane. These black pants have a zip fly closure and feature a button-through rear welt pockets. They are a must-have for Vash The Stampede Costume. Moreover, these pants are a great addition to your day-to-day wardrobe.


Brown Tall Boots

For the shoes, Vash The Stampede Costume demands brown tall boots. Thus, these leather boots are ideal for the look. The rubber sole makes it slip-resistant. Additionally, they feature a harness ankle-strap with dual pool handles.


Silver Earring for Left Ear

As per original Vash The Stampede Costume, he wears a silver hoop earring in his left earring. These lightweight earrings give you just the look you need.



Knee Pads

To complete the look, you will need these knee pads. As seen in the anime and manga, Vash wears knee pads. These knee pads are easy-to-wear and are made to secure the hardest falls. Apart from being an important part of Vash The Stampede Costume, they are also a great addition to your outdoor gear.