How to Dress Like Wade Owen Watts


Complete Guide of The Ready Player One Wade Owen Watts Costume

Wade Owen Watts is the main protagonist and narrator of Ernest Cline’s novel Ready Player One. He is a poor boy who was orphaned at birth and is from the Stacks surrounding metropolitan Oklahoma. Wade is quick-witted, smart and passionate, especially for video games. He is very knowledgeable in video games from the 1980s. His passion comes into action when he starts playing OASIS, an avatar-based role-play game. Here he names his avatar as Parzival and dedicates his life to finding James Halliday’s Easter Egg. Wade Watts is a favorite of many and if you are one of them, looking for a way to dress like him then here is an extensive guide on how to transform into Wade Watts. 


Owen Watts Blue Vest

Owen Watts wears a Blue Vest in the game. This vest is the exact replica of the one worn Owen so it is a must buy for your Wade Owen Watts Costume. It is made of quality denim material with a soft inner viscose lining for comfort of the wearer. This trendy vest features jeans button closure with two front flap pockets and a golden sword design on the back.


Short Gray and Blue Two-Tone Wig

To get in full Wade Owen form you must include a matching wig similar to Owen’s hairstyle in the Wade Owen Watts Costume. We recommend this short gray and blue two-tone wig because it is made of heat resistant synthetic fibres which can be styled by a straightening or curling rod according to the user preference. It is easy to handle and comfortable to wear for all head sizes!


Black T-Shirt

Under the trendy blue vest Owen wears a plain black t-shirt. This shirt is the right choice for your Wade Owen Watts Costume because it is made of a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester fabric. Moreover, the double needle stitching makes the shirt durable for long term use.


Black Slim-Fit Jeans

Another important addition to the Wade Owen Watts Costume are a pair of these Black Slim-Fit Jeans because without them the entire outfit is incomplete. It is an original Levis jeans made of high quality denim fabric which comes with a zipper closure.


Brown Holster Belt

The Wade Owen Watts costume includes this incredible brown holster belt. It is made of pure denim fabric and includes multiple pockets. There are two pins attached to the bag on it is the thundercats signal design.


Sky Blue Skin Paint

Wades avatar has some blue tattoos on his arm. So in order to recreate them you need this sky blue skin paint. The Snazaroo paint are richly pigmented and safe to use since they are specially formulated for the delicate skin types. They don’t contain any harmful chemicals and are fragrance free, plus they are washable!


Funko Key Set

A fun addition to the Wade Owen Watts costume are these Funko Key Set which hold a significant reference to Owens story. These keys will make your costume much more interesting than it already is. They are 5 inch long, plastic keys available in 3 colours and designs. 


Extra Life Coin

In the game Owen collects coins so this Extra Life Coin is a small yet important prop of your Wade Owen Costume. It is 1.38 inches, bronze-metal tinted coin and the material used is of good quality and durable. This coin is available at a very affordable price range compared to the quality which is exceptionally good.


Royal Blue Converse High-Top Sneakers

Last but not least, we have these sleek and stylish royal blue converse high-top sneakers, to top of the Wade Owen Watts Costume. They are lace-up canvas shoes with rubber soles for a good grip. The brand Chuck Taylor promises long term durability for their shoes so these converse are a one time investment that will go a long way!



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