How to Dress Like Walter Padick


Complete Guide of The Dark Tower Walter Padick Costume

The Dark Tower is a 2017 American film o the dark-fantasy genre. A nemesis of Roland, Walter Padick was introduced as the Man in Black who is pursued by Roland later on. A satanic sorcerer and an emissary of the Crimson King, he is described as an evil entity. Walter’s portrayal by the handsome, Matthew McConaughey in the best possible way, is one of the many reasons why the Walter Padick Costume is in-demand. a 2017 American dark fantasy western film 


If you’re also wondering as to how you can recreate the look of this iconically evil character, you are in the right place!


Matthew McConaughey Coat

Inspired by the film and the original Walter Padick Costume, this black coat is a replica of the one seen in the movie. It is made-up of the best-quality wool fabric doubled up with the inner viscose lining which provides comfort as well as durability. The front buttoned closure and two side-waist pockets provide the ease-of-wear as well.


Black Vintage Vest

Under his coat, Walter wears a black vest. Made up of wool and polyester fiber, this black vintage vest is ideal for the Walter Padick Costume. It features an adjustable black buckle for your comfort.


Black Button-Down Shirt

The Walter Padick Costume is a much-layered one. Thus, under the coat, he wears a vest and underneath that, Walter wears a classic, black button-down shirt. A trendy and stylish shirt, it is bound to make heads turn wherever you go because seriously, black never run out of fashion, does it?


Black Dress Pants

These black dress pants ideally complement the Walter Padick Costume. Made up of polyester and cotton, these dress pants have a hook-eye closure and, are made to last. Additionally, they can be paired up with other outfits on various occasions.


Black Dress Shoes Smooth

For the shoes, we have these stylish black dress shoes. Manufactured with high-quality synthetic material, these classic style shoes have a rubber sole. Furthermore, it features a premium leather lining that ensures durability. Apart from being an essential part of the Walter Padick Costume, these flexible and comfortable shoes are a great addition to your occasional wardrobe too. 


Black Short Wig No Bangs

Walter is known as the Man in Black for a good reason: he dresses up in black from head-to-toe. Thus, your hair has to be black to fulfill all the demands of the Walter Padick Costume. This black short wig with no bangs is ideal for the costume. It is durable, comfortable and, adjustable. You can also stylize it to get the desired look.



Of course, that iconic hair we see in the Walter Padick Costume has been stylized. Thus, you will have to stylize your wig to get the exact look. This hairspray makes sure that the look lasts. Also, it is an amazing addition to your hair products.


Crimson King Eye Pendant Necklace

For the prop and accessory part of the Walter Padick Costume, we have this Crimson King eye pendant necklace. Made up of brass, it is nickel-plated and, comes with a chain. It is exactly like the one seen in the movie and is inspired by it, too. The necklace is a tiny yet significant detail of the look thus, it is a must-have for the attire.


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