How to Dress Like Youngblood Priest


Complete Guide of The SuperFly Youngblood Priest Costume

Portrayed by Trevor Jackson, the Youngblood Priest is the tragic villain of the 2018 remake of the hit movie, Superfly. He was forced into drug dealing when he was only a young boy and has been dealing ever since. Despite his questionable actions (like threatening his worker), it is still seen that he is good at heart. In the following guide, we have summed up all the items you need in order to recreate the look of the Youngblood priest. 


Trevor Leather Coat

This stylish black coat is made from top quality real leather thus is durable and long lasting. It is front opened and has half sleeves for easy use and maintenance. The coat is a prominent part of the Youngblood Priest Costume as Trevor is seen wearing it most of the time. Hence, the costume may lack perfection without this Trevor leather coat. 


Trevor Turtleneck

This turtleneck shirt is made up of comfortable fabric to ensure quality experience for the wearer. To enhance your Youngblood Priest Costume, the addition of this shirt holds immense importance. 

Trevor Wig

 A cosplay requires you to depict a character from head to toe so that similarity to some extent is attained. This wig is made from top quality synthetic hair and is identical to Trevor’s hairstyle. Usage of this wig can guarantee you a shower of compliments on a costume party night! 


Trevor Pant

This slim fit black pant not only goes best with the Youngblood Priest costume but also is a great addition to your day-to-day wardrobe as it can be paired up with other outfits too. It can be washed in machine. 


Trevor Spray

To match the jet black hair color of the Youngblood priest, this hairspray is ideal. It is temporary and all you have to do is spray it on your hair voila your hair is temporarily black!


Trevor Watch

In this  movie, he is seen wearing a golden watch just like this one. Made up of stainless steel, this classy watch has studded stones and Quartz movement.


Trevor Gun

A drug dealer without a gun? Not a safe play, right? That is exactly the reason why this golden gun is a must have for the Youngblood priest costume. 


Trevor Chain

In his depiction of the character, Trevor is seen wearing this gold chain at all times. This kind of gives him the bad guy persona. This gold plated chain is stylish, durable and delicate. You can wear this chain to other places like parties and other cool occasions too!


Trevor Boot

These leather lace up boots are made up of high quality faux leather and are like the ones he wore in the movie. Not only this, but it can also be paired up with other outfits.