How to Dress Like Injustice Gods Among Us Shazam


Complete Guide of Injustice Gods Among Us Shazam Costume Guide

Shazam is a Power character in the video game Injustice: Gods amongst us. Shazam, unlike his nemesis is blessed with the power of six ancient Greek gods and heroes. These powers make him one of the greatest superheroes of all time. From his initials S is derived from the wisdom he gained from Solomon, H for the strength of Hercules, Z for the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles constitutes A in his name and M for the speed of Mercury. All of the above mentioned qualities makes one SHZAM.

With the abilities of world’s mightiest mortals, Captain Marvel aka Shazam aka Billy Batson surely knows how to struggle with mightiest threats in a chic style.

We have assembled you a costume guide for Shazam, with step by step approach to being a Super of superhero. All of the products mentioned in the guide are made of good quality.

Shazam Leather Jacket

Shazam Leather Jacket

Get Shazam’s look by trying out his symbolic attire and signature jacket. This jacket is made up of Faux / genuine leather. This appealing red in color jacket comes with stand up collar, front zipper closing and viscos interior support for comforting you. This jacket features bright bold logo of Lightening, long sleeves with open hem cuffs, quality manufacture and fine stitching.

cargo pantscargo pants

Match your Super cool red jacket with these red leather cargo pants in Shazam’s Style. These leather pants comprised of all-over leather material, true to size, zipper along with button closure and zip pockets and 100% PU bonded leather. Apart from Shazam Costume, these bright red pants can be used in other party attires for its funky color.

Superhero Cape Superhero Cape

This brilliantly Silver shaded Shazam’s cape goes on the back side of the jump suit. Made with Bright and shiny 100% Polyester Satin, this cape comes with extra soft Velcro closure for safety and comfort along with Premium rolled hem edge for official superhero look. You can whirl here and there freely with this light, simplest of its kind and beautiful cape.

Silk Scarves Silk Scarves

You can see that Bright colors are the highlights of Shazam Costume. Along with slick and marvelous combination of bright red & yellow jacket, red leather cargo pants and a brilliant cape here comes this bright yellow silk waistband. This waistband contributes to the overall attire and grants it a more appealing and attractive look. It kinds of get you in gear to look like bright-red-shazam.

Golden bootsGolden boots

Shazam prefers Knee high Golden boots. These boots are kinda catchy and unique in style. These boots feature padded design, with white and golden color combo to go with shazam’s overall Red-yellow-silver costume.

Shazam has a brilliant Red-Yellow combination attire that makes him every inch a Superhero. He is a god, a stylish, trendy and awesome looking god. If you want to Mirror the same style, make sure to follow the above mentioned guide and transform yourself into a Superstar. Who cares if this cosplay is just for a night, right? The costume is temporary, the feel is permanent.

Injustice Gods Among Us Shazam Costume Guide