How to Dress Like 3rd Doctor


Complete Guide of The Jon Pertwee 3rd Doctor Costume

Third Doctor, played by Jon Pertwee, is a character of class and gadgetry. He actually belongs to the planet of Gallifrey, and travels in time and space with his T.A.R.D.I.S. It stands for ‘Time And Relevant Dimension In Space’. On each of his adventures,the Doctor is accompanied with a few trusted fellows. In Third Doctor, he appears as patient and serene man with great plans. His attire best represents his purpose. For that reason, we’ve arranged for you the best quality cosplay products for the 3rd Doctor costume.


Third Doctor Jacket

Representing the Victorian dressing style of the Third doctor this Burgundy coloured Third Doctor jacket is a luxurious garment. It has two exterior pockets with a contrast black velvet collar and lapel. Available at an affordable price, this Third Doctor Jacket is an essential item in the 3rd Doctor costume.


Third Doctor Shirt

Manufactured from a soft, premium cotton blend, this Third Doctor Shirt can be used for multiple cosplays. With its ruffled neckline, lace-up front and gathered full-sleeves this Third Doctor Shirt represents the perfect blend of drama and calmness that Third Doctor had to himself.



Third Doctor Cape

A fan can not deny the importance of this Third Doctor cape. Tailored to the perfect length, this Third Doctor cape is easy to wear and gives the much-need look of a stand-out to the cosplay.


Third Doctor Spray

Third Doctor Spray is actually the right tool to dye your hair to match the exact tone of Third Doctor’s. It does not damage your natural or previously dyed hair colour at all.



Third Doctor Pant

Next up, in the 3rd Doctor costume os this straight-cut pants with flat-front design. Manufactured from 100% cotton, these pants also have side slash pockets with double-welt back pockets.


Third Doctor Ring

One of the major highlight of the 3rd Doctor costume, is this third doctor ring. It’s available at a reasonable rate and fits easily.


Third Doctor Glove

Third Doctor is a man of mastery and delicacy. How can he, then, not wear the finest of garments? These Third Doctor Gloves are manufactured from sheepskin. Apart from costume needs, it can also be used to keep the hands warm in winters.


Third Doctor Wig

This brown wig is manufactured from material that gives the look of natural hair. We’ve made sure to arrange, for you, it in the exact hair colour of third doctor.


Third Doctor Screwdriver

Third Doctor’s ultimate power is this magical tool. With it scientific abilities and tricks, its helps the third doctor get through almost anything. This prop will definitely add a greater charm to the entire costume.


Third Doctor Shoe

The last product to complete the 3rd Doctor Costume are these Third Doctor Shoes. This high quality footwear demonstrates an elite manner of modern gentleman with simplicity and elegance, perfectly representing the Third Doctor. This simple yet trendy footwear offers comfort with its lightly cushioned footbed. It has a Balmoral closed lacing for a concise appearance. This makes them easy to adjust as well. These third Doctor shoes act as a finishing element to the the 3rd Doctor Costume with its class.