How to Dress Like Mad Hatter


Full Guide of The Johnny Depp Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Costume

Alice and Tarrant Hightopp (a.k.a Mad Hatter) were the two characters from the Alice in Wonderland, who gained immense popularity. Mad Hatter got famous for two reasons. First, because of his insane yet humorous personality and secondly, because Johnny Depp portrayed the character. The Hatter is by occupation a hat maker. He has curly red hair because he was poisoned  with mercury. He is slender with pale skin and green eyes complimented by an eyeliner which changes color and a manic smile which actually symbolizes that he lost his sanity a long time ago (when his entire village burnt because of the Red Queen). Even though he’s insane, he is in fact, highly intelligent and extremely good at sword fighting. The insanity and tragic past of Mad hatter is the reason why he is disturbed and gets bitter occasionally. Else, he is brave, loyal, kind-hearted, energetic, dramatic and comical. He is simply one of the best, iconic character to cosplay!


Mad Hatter Jacket

The jacket is made up of high quality leather with inner viscose lining. Front open closure and lapel collars makes it an stylish piece of garment. The muddy brown colour makes it a versatile addition to the wardrobe.


Adult Wig

The costume of Mad Hatter cannot be completed without this orange colored wig. This vibrant orange colored wig is made up of high quality synthetic fibre. It is easy to use and fits all.


Eyebrows Accessory

The costume of Mad Hatter cannot be completed without this orange colored wig. This vibrant orange colored wig is made up of high quality synthetic fibre. It is easy to use and fits all.


Men’s Hatter Deluxe Costume

This costume is men’s version of Mad Hatter costume.  Comes with a jacket and a scarf with all the detailing embellishments.


Adult Boot Covers

The brown leather adult boot covers completes the entire look of the costume. The orange colored laces makes them eady to tie up.


Dark Mad Hatter Wig

The Mad Hatter wig is black in color with white and grey streaks in accordance to the character. Made up of high quality synthetic fiber,it is mandatory to complete the look.


Dark Mad Hatter Mens Costume

The costume consist of jacket,pants,dickey with bowtie,vest,top hat,spat with shoe covers and fingerless gloves. The whole costume is a combination of black and white colour,which is exactly how Mad Hatter dressed in the movie.


Women’s Delightful Hatter Costume

The female version of Mad Hatter costume includes printed tank dress, checkerboard trimmed velvet high/low jacket, belt with ornate buckle, bow tie, and matching oversized hat. The material is super stretchy and 100% polyester.


Mini Cropped Satin Gloves

The mini cropped gloves gives a classy look to your outfit. They can be worn alone or in accordance to the character. Fits comfortably and allows free movement of fingers.


Thigh High Stockings

Thigh high stockings are an essential to the role players. These stockings matches a variety of costumes. Designed in striped and checkered pattern,these tights adds exceptional detail to the costume.


Pump Shoes

The perfect heels for the costume.  It comes in a shiny material which enhances the whole attire. Perfectly balanced heels for easy movement.


Green Hat

Made up of high quality velvet material with bright  yellow belt with red details and a bold buckle,this hat is a pure class. Comes with a 10/6 tag which is a marked feature.


Kids Through Looking Glass Costume

This costume is inspired by the movie Alice Through the Looking Glass. It is a three piece costume consist of pants,dickey and jacket with attached vest. A multicolored costume that comes in different standard children sizes.


Kids Costume

The costume includes a jacket,hat and cravat. Inspired from the movie Alice Through the Looking Glass,this costume is made up of high quality polyester and fits comfortably on standard children sizes.


Dark Mad Hatter Kids Costume

The Mad Hatter was one of the characters that Alice met in the movie. The costume covers the whole character. It consisting of a jacket and a pant,bowtie,hat and a hat card. The costume has mixed black and white patterns. The hat card has 10/6 printed on it which is actually the cost of the hat.


Clown White

Mehron clown white is a creamy white makeup. It is ideal for cosplayers and professional clowns. A little quantity goes a long way. Easy to apply and suitable for all skin types. It gives a smooth finish and makes other colors more vibrant. Comes off easily with hot water.


Professional Makeup Kit

This kit is an ideal handy makeup kit. It covers all the basic requirement of  everyday makeup. Ideal for travelling and on the go makeup routines. Extremely pigmented and easy to use.