Marty McFly Back to the Future Costume Guide


Full Guide of Back to the Future Series Marty McFly Costume

In the sci-fi classic Back to the future Marty Mcfly, is a classic protagonist figure.He happens to be an ordinary person who finds himself in an extraordinary circumstance.
Portrayed by Michael, in the award-winning Back to the Future Trilogy, Marty Mcfly travels back in time in a modified DeLorean that, his eccentric scientist- bestfriend, Doc Brown built into a time machine.
He travels back to the year 1955 where he meets both of his parents when they were teenagers, then Marty unintentionally interrupts his parent’s first meeting together. Eventually he finds a younger version of Doc and together they try to find a way to get Marty’s parents-to-be back together, and to get Marty back to 1985.
Throughout the series, we saw him in tremendous costumes. To get the same timeless look as the aspiring teenage musician turned hero, all you have to do is to follow this epically accurate Marty Mcfly costume guide.



Marty McFly Vest

The people of 1955 just don’t understand fashion like the people of 1985. Biff and his goons seem to think Marty McFly’s vest is some kind of life jacket, even though it’s the epitome of cool in 1985.
It’s the most prominent and important part of Marty Mcfly costume. The parachute fabric and supreme stitching of this Vest does not only make it very much identical to the original one but also ensures quality.


Marty McFly Denim Jacket

Marty McFly’s costume consists of multiple upper wears. He’s seen wearing a denim jacket under the vest during the movie.The good thing about this purchase would be that you can take off the vest and still cosplay as him because that is the way he was in a scene in the movie.


Marty McFly White Checkered Shirt

This white grid check shirt is part of Marty’s charm, as it represents the remarkably perfect yet flawed personality of the character really well.
The shirt is a perfect blend of cotton and polyester, making it comfortable and durable.


marty-mcfly-denim-t shirt

Marty McFly Maroon T-Shirt

Marty Mcfly costume also includes this soft Maroon coloured T-Shirt. It’s made of cotton which makes it comfortable and light. It’s also available at affordable rates.


Marty McFly Men’s Jean

Here’s the cosplay item that can be used in various other outfits. It promises quality at an affordable price.


Marty McFly White Sneakers

One of the very important things you need to jump start your Back to the Future adventure, are these white sneakers. Considering Marty’s numerous travels, this footwear is suitable for all seasons. Not only have they been a recent “Back-to-the fashion” thing, but also look pretty awesome with a variety of outfits.


Marty McFly Aviator Sunglasses

In one of the very famous pictures of Back to the Future, Marty is looking at his watch surprised, with the Aviator sunglasses on his head. For that reason, purchasing this Aviator Sunglasses is a must for completing the Marty Mcfly costume.


Marty McFly Resin Digital Watch

In the very same scene, Marty’s looking at his classic 80s watch from Casio. Its features include; eight digit calculator, a stopwatch, an alarm clock, auto calendar, hourly time signal etc.


Marty McFly Lightweight Headphones

Traveling becomes 10x better with music. Probably why Marty preferred them too. Complete your Marty Mcfly costume with these lightweight headphones which work very efficiently are easy to carry around.

Back to the Future 2 Marty McFly Costume


Marty McFly Jacket

In the sequel of the movie, this Jacket becomes the center of attention of the Marty Mcfly costume instead of the vest. It has a body of PU Leather, having Viscose Lining internally, two pockets on the same side and two on the outside chest region and is absolutely easy on the pocket.

marty-mcfly-denim-t shirt

Marty McFly Burgundy T-Shirt

Though very much similar to the maroon tee of the first part, this burgundy T-shirt will you give the exact look of Marty Mcfly from Back to the Future 2.

Marty McFly Washed Jeans

Coming in outstanding quality, this Marty Mcfly washed jeans is made purely from cotton. And is extremely comfortable!


Marty McFly Shoes

This pair of footwear especially designed suit the numerous journey’s made by Marty in Back to the Future 2.


Marty McFly Cap

This adjustable, fancy rainbow cap Marty Mcfly’s fashion statement for Back to the future 2, and of course a must-buy for the Marty Mcfly costume.


Marty McFly Hoverboard

Don’t forget your hoverboard! It’s Marty Mcfly’s major prop in Back to the future 2. It can be seen in Aech’s room when Parzival tries his outfits.