Maxine From X Costume – Maxine Mia Goth Overalls


Maxine From X Costume


Maxine (played by Mia Goth) is a young adult film actress who is a leading adult film star in Ti West’s “X”. Maxine From X is a town girl with dreams of a lifetime who goes with her boyfriend to a remote farm located in Texas to film an adult film with her fellow co-stars Bobby-Lynne and Jackson who was supposed to make her a big breakthrough.

Maxine Mia Goth Overalls


However, things don’t go as planned, however, it turns out that Maxine as well as the other actors discover themselves in a battle for their lives, rather than achieving their goals. Maxine wears a very 70s-inspired style to her. She starts the film in an oversized tube top with stripes and shorts. Later, she changes to jeans shorts, and boots that form part of her movie costume. Also, she wears a striking blue eyeshadow and spots of freckles on her cheek and right eye that you can replicate with a brown eye pencil.

Maxine Striped Tube Top


Striped Tube Top

Enhance the look of your Maxine overalls outfit to an iconic image with the ultimate final touch The Striped Tube Top. Inspired by the iconic characters from your favorite series This essential item will add authenticity and style to your outfit. Created to deliver comfort and elegance this is the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to replicate Maxine’s look. Get it now and be the adventurer you are in style and confidence.

Maxine Silver Hoop Earrings


Silver Hoop Earrings

The final touch to your Maxine appearance with a smoking look by sporting these Silver Hoop Earrings. This design is a tribute to the classic appearance that was worn by Maxine From X Overalls in your favorite TV show. These earrings are the perfect fit for her daring and adventurous style. They are made of top-quality elements and specially designed to help to favor comfort. they are an ideal resolution to elevate your look to a whole different level. Get back your old style and dress to the style of Maxine with these elegant earrings.

Maxine Dark Brown Shorts


Dark Brown Shorts

Add authenticity to your Maxine From The Movie X outfit by wearing these dark brown shorts. Inspired by the wild nature of your favorite characters, these shorts complement the look of iconic. Made for durability and comfort They’re great for costumes as well as casual clothes.

Maxine 70s Brown Wig


70s Brown Wig

Change to Maxine from top to bottom in this 1970s Brown Wig, the perfect for your Maxine From X Costume. Infusing the retro style of your favourite character The wig captures all the spirit of her classic look. It is made of high-end material and real-looking details, it provides flexibility and durability that will last for the duration of your wearing. If you’re playing cosplay or just being yourself the wig is sure to complete the Maxine look you’ve always wanted with authenticity and style.

Maxine Blue Eye Shadow


Blue Eye Shadow

Make the look of your Maxine From X Makeup to the very best possible level with this Blue Eye Shadow. Influenced by the striking style of your most loved character The eyeshadow will add some colour that’s retro to enhance your look. With its bright color and long-lasting formula, this is the ideal solution to recreate Maxine’s bold and bold look. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing an actor or paying homage to an individual you admire, the Blue Eye Shadow completes your transformation with a touch of authenticity and flair.

Maxine Women Denim Shortalls


Womens Denim Shortalls

Complete your Maxine look effortlessly with the women’s Denim Shortalls. Inspired by the timeless style of your favorite character, the shortalls exude nostalgia as well as an exciting style. The denim is of the highest quality and designed to feel comfortable They’re an excellent choice for bringing Maxine’s look to the forefront of your wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if you’re a cosplayer or just adore classic style, these shortalls are a necessary accessory to your wardrobe. Step into the realm that is Stranger Things with confidence and style.

Maxine Red Bandana Print


Red Bandana Print

Find out about the exciting adventures of the universe of Maxine from x costume by sporting this striking Red Bandana Print. The ideal design embodies all the essentials of what Maxine is all about in her signature style that gives an original look to your outfit. If you’re doing a costume or you’re just celebrating your favourite model the shirt will be sure to make an impression. Take a step back and enter the Maxine world Maxine with grace and confidence.

Maxine Brown Cowboy Boots


Brown Cowboy Boots

Get the Most Out of Yourmaxine From X Costume With These Iconic Brown Cowboy Boots. Inspired by the Bold Style of Your Favorite Character These Boots Provide a Real Western Finish to Your Outfit. Built for Comfort and Lasting Durability and Are Perfect for Stepping Into the Shoes of Maxine, and Embarking on Your Adventures. If You’re Playing Cosplay or Just Enjoying the Old-fashioned Style These Brown Cowboy Boots Are the Ideal Finishing Touch for Your Maxine-inspired Outfit.



In the end, overall, your Maxine Mia Goth costume combines the uniqueness of two famous characters which allows you to capture the essence of both characters while showing your unique style. Take your time Let your imagination be free while you bring the characters of this fusion to life!