How to Dress Like Supergirl


Complete Guide of The Melissa Benoist Supergirl Costume

Kara Zor-El or Supergirl is the last surviving Kryptonian after Superman who kept her superhuman abilities a secret for 14 years on Earth before she finally decided to embrace them and become the superhero she was always meant to be, she also happens to be a cousin of Superman. Supergirl is a character of DC comics played by the amazing Melissa Benoist. The show takes place in National City where Kara lives as an undercover superhero to protect the city from crime and serious threats.


Supergirl Jacket

The supergirl jacket is an essential clothing item for your Supergirl Cosplay. The entrancing blue and red combination of this hood jacket made of genuine faux leather makes it more unique. And the inner soft quilted viscose lining adds to the wearers comfort.


Supergirl Costume

The supergirl costume is an all time high demand in the cosplay market. The costume includes a beautiful electric blue full sleeved shirt with the iconic ā€œSā€ in red and gold along with metallic red skirt. It also includes a removable red cape which gives you the very Superhero look.


Supergirl Hair Ties

To get yourself in the proper supergirl gear of course some accessories are required. These Scunci no damage elastic hair ties are a must have. The wide profile, non metallic elastic is perfect to keep your hair in place and leaves your hair damage free.


Supergirl Glasses

To keep her superhuman life a secret supergirl or Kara lives works as an undercover journalist. She uses glasses very similar like these vintage frames to hide her identity so they are important in order to complete Supergirl costume! The lens promise 100% protection from UVA/UVB rays as well.


Supergirl Shirt

To complete the undercover journalist look for your Supergirl Costume we have this dynamic formal shirt. It is a pink button down with a unique design and colour combination. This shirt is made up of high quality cotton fabric which is extremely comfortable. Not only that but the it is available at a very affordable rate!


Supergirl Pant

These stylish bootcut pants are a great formal wear attire for your undercover supergirl costume. The pockets are made of faux and the pressed leg crease give them an exquisite touch making them ideal office wear pants. Quality wise they are highly recommended.


Supergirl Boot

These fabulous red leather rubber sole boots are a mandatory prop to complete tour supergirl costume. The bright red colour and sleek design adds definition to supergirls bold and heroic personality. Not just that these boots are available at very cheap rates compared to the market prices which is why we highly recommend you to buy these boots!


Supergirl Pump

Last but not the least, these classy pump styled heels idealistic for your supergirl costume. They are made up of genuine kid suede leather, the sole is synthetic and made up foam adding to the comfort.


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