Serial Designation N From Murder Drones – Murder Drones Costume


Serial Designation N From Murder Drones – Murder Drones Costume


Serial Designation (voiced voiced by Michael Kovach) is a friendly Disassembly Drone that befriends Uzi Doorman in the web show Murder Drones. They then collaborate to prevent serial Designation J from eliminating all Worker Drones. N the character, as he’s popularly known, desires just to help others and can empathize with Uzi and the other Worker Drones where other Disassembly Drones are not. N is a man who wears a long, oversized coat over his drone’s white body. The lights and eyes that reflect off his hair’s silver glimmer shine bright yellow. It is possible to recreate this effect by putting a glow-in-the-dark sticker on the cap of a chauffeur in black and wearing a pair of light-up glasses. N Also, there is the long black tail which is syringe-like in the end. You can use hazard tape to add certain details to your costume.

White Bodysuit With Hood – Murder Drones Costume


White Bodysuit With Hood

Discover the exciting realm that is Murder Drones in this chic White Bodysuit With a Hood that includes a Hood. It’s perfect for showing the most recent technology and advanced abilities of these killer robots The costume is awash with an air of fascination and mystery. The Bodysuit Was Designed To Complement The Look Of Sleek And Seamless Style; Meanwhile, The Hood Gives An Illusion Of Mystery And A Sense Of Intrigue.

Men’s Long Black Coat – Murder Drones Costume


Men’s Long Black Coat

Let the sinister beauty that is Murder Drones with this Men’s Long Black Coat. Created to display power and authority, the coat gives the fierce sight of these futuristic assassins. It’s flowing, long form adds a sense of risk and mystery as the black deep shade improves the build of slouchiness and secret.

Silver Human Hair Wigs – Murder Drones Costume


Silver Human Hair Wigs

Take the look of your Murder Drones costume up to the next level by wearing the Silver Human Hair Wig. Created with care, this wig embodies the contemporary sophisticated drone universe. Its elegant silver hue and real human hairstyle. It doesn’t matter if you’re cosplaying for an event based on sci-fi or an event with a theme it adds authenticity and intrigue to the outfit.

Up Light Glasses – Murder Drones Costume

Up Light Glasses

Make the look of your Murder Drones costume with these Up Light Glasses. They add modern flair to your costume. Their sleek style and lens that are illuminated they exude the sophisticated high-tech drones technology for surveillance. Upward-facing light sources create the appearance of a dark glow that produces the dark presence of the robotic killers.

Long Black Tail – Murder Drones Costume


Long Black Tail

Give a hint of sinister glamour to the look of your Murder Drones costume by wearing the Long Black Tail accessory. Created to reflect the sleek and sly character of these assassins from the future The tail provides additional fascination to your outfit. It is made of top-quality materials. Its flowing, long silhouette gives a stunning silhouette every time you move around, increasing the visual impact of your costume.

Hazard Tape – Murder Drones Costume

Hazard Tape

Make sure you are able to enhance the excitement and terror of Your Murder Drones costume by with the Hazard Tape accessory. It features bold yellow and black stripes, and this piece of tape serves as a terrifying warning to your costume. It reminds us that caution tape was used in the aftermath of an incident. It can be wrapped around your arms, legs and even around your chest to create an amazing visual presentation of the threat of drones missions.

Black Chauffeur Cap – Murder Drones Costume


Black Chauffeur Cap

Make sure you enhance the mysterious appeal that is Your Murder Drones costume by wearing the Black Chauffeur Cap. Its smart and elegant style, the cap gives the impression of power and mystery to your look and echoes the effective control of the drone’s operators. Made from top-quality materials the black shade and timeless shape make a timeless, modest look that is perfect for any attire.

White Chelsea Boots – Murder Drones Costume


White Chelsea Boots

Make the Murder Drones outfit with an elegant modern look with these White Chelsea Boots. The modern style and clean lines show the sophisticated technology and refined design of drones. The crisp, white color stands out from the dark elements of your attire, giving an impression of intensity and sharpness.

Glow In The Dark Stickers – Murder Drones Costume


Glow in the Dark Stickers

Make sure you illuminate the darkness of your Murder Drones by using these glow-in-the-dark stickers. Created to give an unsettling shimmer to your costume These stickers bring to mind the eerie sight of the drones when they are after the scenes. Put them on the dress or additions you wear to create a mysterious impression that lures the awareness of others and provides an additional quality to the outfit you’re wearing.



In conclusion, This Murder Drones costume has the perfect mix of sophisticated modern design and darkness. From the sleek black dress to the vivid accents and accessories, every piece has been selected with care to portray the mysterious nature of these robotic killers. The costume conveys a sense of suspense, and mystery and is influenced by the realm of high-tech in the science fiction genre as well as the spies.