Kingdom Hearts Organization XIII Costume



Organization XIII Video Game Kingdom Hearts Costume Guide

The computer game Kingdom Hearts is developed by Square Enix alongside Disney Interactive Studios. This game revolves around an organization named as 13 costumes. This organization consists of 13 individual characters who are unceasingly intense and are known as Nobodies. These 13 characters are seen in black trench coats which highlights them as Heartless characters.

The story tracks back to time when there were 35 children with Ninja legacy. Those kids were abducted by an unknown organization and were kept at an unknown location. Those 35 children were rigorously trained to form an actual army. The training provided to these children was so tough that out of 35 only 13 survived to become an organization of 13 individuals.

The leader of the organization 13 costume was Ansem the Wise with Xehanort as his associate. Ansem the Wise got his name due to his immense intelligence and he likes to keep matters under his control. Ansem the wise had another plan, he wanted to to gain control of his lost memories and to help him out he ordered Xehanort to research with his team of scientists. However, soon after he came to realize that he has got some unique powers and he tried to not to involve Xehanort and his team of scientists anymore in the process. However, confining on Xehanort proved to be fatal for his organization as he defied the orders and continued with his research. Kingdom hearts is a story about love and friendship being overshadowed by hatred and evil.

Organization 13 Coat


Organization 13 costume coat is made of Synthetic leather outers and contains Soft comfy linings. This trench coat is the hallmark of every female and male heartless character. Some members of the organization 13 wear asymmetrical zipper style coats. However most of them wear a coat with front zipper closure and hood attached. This coat comes with Custom beaded necklace design and two side pockets.


Organization 13 Wig

All the members of the character of organization 13 costume are seen in white coloured spike haircut. This hairstyle is an integral part of organization 13 costumes. All members of Organization 13 are known for their white colour hair and black hoodie coat. Grab this exact replica of hairstyle seen in organization 13 costume.


Organization 13 Gloves

Since these black hoodie figures like to keep things in plain black, apart from their hair, these black Extra-long lined gloves with Elasticized wrist and lightly padded palm will give your hands a full coverage and keep it all black under-the-hood. Oh! And they will keep you warm.


Organization 13 Boots

The final and most integral part of any costume are the boots. Boots in Organization 13 costume are all black, just like these boots. These boots are made with Rubber along with Synthetic and will complete the look of your Organization 13 costume in a dashing style.

Since you’ve read all of our guide on how to dress up like Organization 13 costume, you’re all set Buy above mentioned products and rock your Heartless and evil Organization 13 costume and kingdom hearts avatar.