How to Dress Like Peggy Carter


Complete Guide of The Hayley Atwell Agent Peggy Carter Costume

Who isn’t familiar with the ever-inspiring Agent Peggy Carter? A woman of firm and concrete principles, who’s known to possess all the qualities you’d want in a female role model. 

She’s clever, courageous, self-confident, headstrong and most importantly, bold.

Agent Peggy Carter is daring enough to repetitively and willingly put her  trust in others. Although this increases the chances of being betrayed, but Peggy’s a strong woman who’s well-aware of dealing with such circumstances successfully.

Agent Carter makes sure every inch of her existence reflects her motives and valour. Hence, Peggy’s outfit perfectly represents her dauntlessness including stud earrings, a striking red hat and bag,  spotless white shirt with a contrast navy blue skirt, classic pump-style shoes, nail lacquer, lipstick and of course Agent’s gun. 



Agent Stud Earrings

The exquisite Agent Stud Earrings are floral shaped gold-stud earrings. These highly durable earrings feature faux pearl encased in a halo of sparkling rounds.


Agent Hat

Agent Hat is an essential part of the Peggy carter costume. A versatile prop that can be used with multiple costumes. The combination of red and black is definitely eye catching. 


Agent Shirt

Agent Carter reflects a composed and decent personality so does her costume. The crisp white shirt is a mandatory part of the Peggy Carter costume. The fabric used in manufacturing the shirt is absorbent and comfortable. It can be paired up with different trousers and skirts. 


Agent Bags

The envelope clutch always looks classy. This particular clutch is an essential prop for the cosplay. The vibrant red color makes it  a bold statement. Suitable for all occasions especially evenings and parties. 


Agent Gun

The Peggy Carter gun is lightweight and easy to handle. It has removable magazine and provides good grip for a perfect aim. Made up of synthetic material which ensures strength and durability. 


Agent Lipstick

Peggy Carter costume can not be completed with this lipstick. The vintage packaging makes it adorable and chic. The pigmentation is strong enough and it does not bleed in humid conditions. 


Agent Nail Lacquer

Red is a color that reflects vibrancy. Agent Carter represents a fire and daring personality. This makes this red nail lacquer a must have for the cosplay. It is quick drying and does not chip off easily. 


Agent Jane Pumps

Agent Jane Pumps are typical Mary Jane style shoes. The strap provides a good grip. Heel are balanced and designed for prolonged wear. Shiny leather makes them attractive. 


Agent Skirt

Agent Skirt is mandatory for the Peggy Carter costume. The blue velvet material makes it visually appealing. It is provided with zippers and hooks that makes fitting easy.