How to Dress Like Cheryl Blossom


Complete Guide of Madelaine Petsch Riverdale S02 Cheryl Blossom Costume

Cheryl Blossom, portrayed by Madelaine Petsch in Riverdale, is one of the main characters of the tv show. She was affiliated to the southside serpents but some events resulted in her leaving the gang for good. She is a student, head cheerleader of River Vixens and the  self-proclaimed queen of Riverdale High School. She belongs to a rich family, is entitled and never accountable for her actions. Cheryl is considered to be a manipulative mean girl who kills with kindness. She always had been neglected by her parents which caused her to develop the typical mean girl / queen bee persona. Also known as Bombshell and Blossom by others, Cheryl also has a kind side to her but hardly ever shows it. To cosplay Cheryl you need only a few things. Speaking of which , let’s get started!


Southside Serpents Leather Jacket

This Riverdale inspired jacket is made up of high quality faux leather. The vibrant red color looks very attractive. Inner viscose lining makes it warm and cosy. It is an ideal gift for bikers and people with similar taste.


Southside Serpents Sweater

The Southside Serpents sweater can be a versatile and chic addition to your wardrobe. It is made up 100%acrylic material which provide adequate warmth against cold breezes. The long sleeves adds style to the garment.


Southside Serpents Socks

Classic white  socks are a staple to a maintained wardrobe. The Southside Serpents socks are made up of 100 % cotton material. They  are extremely absorbent and comfortable. Marked with three yellow stripes,these socks are a compulsory part of the costume.


Southside Serpents T Shirt

This retro style white t-shirt with yellow raglan sleeves looks very appealing. Made of comfortable and durable material this t-shirt is a must have.


Southside Serpents Skirt

A unique high waisted design is suitable for winter and autumn both. The big plaid design compliments all sorts of colors. Inner lining prevents any skin rash that can be caused by the woolen fabric.


Southside Serpents Short

These shorts are designed in black color with white stripes on side hems. The  elastic waistband is comfortable to wear.


Southside Serpents Brooch

The spider brooch adds extra charm to your outfit. It is made up of good quality alloy with suitable stones to give shine and glamour.  Can be used on various occasions.


Red Lipstick

A highly pigmented classic red colored lipstick. Made of best hypoallergenic ingredients this lipstick is suitable for all skin types.


Southside Serpents Wig

This red coloured layered wig is mandatory for the role players. It doesn’t look artificial due to it’s not so shiny texture. Easy to wear and can be maintained easily.


Southside Serpents Shoes

Red heels are a statement on their own.  Designed in a comfortable manner these heels provide perfect balance and support even when walking on uneven surfaces.


Southside Serpents Shoes

A simple low top vans in white color. They have canvas upper and metal eyelets for lace up closure.




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