How to Dress Like Agent 47


Complete Guide of The Rupert Friend Hitman Agent 47 Costume

Released on August 21 2p15, Hitman: Agent 47 is a American-German action thriller film. The main character, Agent 47 is portrayed by Rupert Friend in the best way possible. Agent 47 is an orphaned child who is kidnapped by the Organization and as a result of the experiments conducted on him, he gains all the qualities of an elite assassin. This perfect killing machine is much famous amongst all and is just the perfect murderer to dress up like.


Black One Button Blazer

This blazer is the identifying feature of agent 47. He wears it all the time. It is a business jacket style blazer with front button and long sleeves. Made of cotton blended material it is also suitable for office use. The lapel style collar and outside pockets makes it stylish and trendy.


Black Leather Belt

It is made up of good quality synthetic leather which It imitates the real leather really well. A perfect gift for valentines day or new year. The brass buckle is the highlight if the belt.


Black Flat Front Pants

Agent 47 appears to be a well dressed gentleman. A perfect pair of pants completes the attire of a man. These pants are slim fit straight cut pants. The material used is eextremely comfortableand can be washed easily.


White Dress Shirt

This crisp white shirt is made of 65%polyester and 35%cotton. It is a wrinkle free shirt and requires low maintenance. The point collar and full sleeves makes it a perfect match for black flat front pants of agent 47. It has bigger armholes and a picket at the chest making it comfortable to wear.


Burgundy Tie

This beautiful  burgundy tie is made up of soft microfiber polyester. It is fully lined with satin finish. It has a silky touch. A high quality handcrafted piece  of garment that fits with almost every formal and casual look.


Black Leather Fingerless Gloves

These gloves are also a significant  part of the costume. They are made of cowhide which makes them long lasting. The padding inside makes them comfortable to wear for long hours. The size can be adjusted by velcro straps.


Barcode Tattoo

Agent 47 was identified  by the barcode tattoo on the back of his neck. So if you are planning a role play then this barcode is a must. These tattoos are FDA certified,non toxic  and safe to wear.


Black Toy Pistol

It is an excellent replica of the real gun used by agent 47 in the movie.

The appearance  is more realistic then the function. Ideal for cosplay as it fits in the costume perfectly. The rubber bullets are harmless but are fun to fire.


Black Dress Shoes

These shoes are classic oxford style cap toed dress shoes. Made up of synthetic leather increases its durability. The versatility of the design makes them more functional. These shoes can be used formally as well as casually.