Shuntarō Chishiya: Unveiling The Complex Character Of Alice In Borderland


Shuntarō Chishiya: Unveiling The Complex Character Of Alice In Borderland

Manga’s popularity continues to grow and, even though the origins of manga are from Japan readers adore the manga series from across the globe of the globe. An excellent example of a manga is Alice in Borderland, which was first published in a magazine in late 2010. Since then, the manga series has risen to become an established brand and has become a popular choice among readers. Everyone from all different ages and backgrounds enjoys reading the manga because it is a unique tale that is different from the rest of what is available. This medium has numerous kinds of genres including the science-fiction genre, action mystery, drama, thriller, and suspense all in one. Although the manga contains several interesting characters there’s one that deserves to be talked about more. This is the case with the character of Shuntaro Chishiya. He’s the one we’ll be discussing in this article.

Who is Shuntarō Chishiya?

Shuntaro Chishiya is among the principal characters in Shuntaro Chishiya is one of the main characters in Alice in Borderland manga. In addition, he is a key actor in the manga television series of the same title. Chishiya is an eloquent shy, quiet, and reserved individual. He is well-known that he doesn’t like talking about his personal life. His humble nature and his mysterious persona can cause him to appear to be a little deceitful and sly in certain instances. Chishiya was not a fatherly love since his very beginning. Since he was an infant, the most intense desires of his heart were to get love and care from his parents, which was shown to other children.


Alice In Borderland Chishiya Hoodie

This is because his father was employed in the medical field. Chishiya’s dad spent most of the time in front of his laptop, putting his work ahead of his kids. Similar to Chishiya’s mother who was also a worker. She too, couldn’t find sufficient hours off to care for her son. Chishiya believed the union between his parents was to ensure a more prominent post within the hospital.

Going On A Dark Path – Shuntarō Chishiya Alice In Borderland

Because of the lack of love for his parents, Chishiya was envious of his classmates for the love that they got from their parents. Chishiya wished that he received only a small portion of this to his own. A lack of affection that he experienced took its effects on him and ultimately changed his character. To escape from everything, Chishiya chose to pursue the identical job course that his father had. Chishiya began his medical school shortly after becoming an intern in the field of surgery. Alongside all other factors, it was the one motivation behind the move which was to determine whether or not he was concerned about the lives of humans.


Chishiya hoped to find significance in his life and discover a passion for life by helping people. However, even this could not benefit the man out of despair, because Chishiya did not feel any emotions or feelings. One illustration of his lack of compassion is the time he was granted a trusting letter of testament to a dying patient in his final days. Chishiya was unable to show any consideration or concern towards the deceased by throwing the document away. Chishiya proved that the coldness the man possessed is present and will not disappear.

Playing The Games in Borderland – Shuntarō Chishiya Alice In Borderland

Shuntaro Chishiya is one of the players who play in Borderland. In the comic manga, he’s introduced as one of the players who form the team along with another player as well as a part of the Beach referred to as Hikari Kuina. They are planning to steal the cards of the creator and leader of the Beach named “Mad Hatter.” The pair believe that if they have the complete deck of cards they will be able to get out of the city.


However, their relationship doesn’t last over time as Shuntarō Chishiya Alice In Borderland can leave Kuina as she reaches her later years. In the TV adaptation of the manga Chishiya can’t quit Kuina, but she cannot leave Kuina. Whatever the point may be, Chishiya is left alone following which he aids two of the main characters in Manga: Yuzuha Usagi, and Ryohei Arisu. Both included a hard recreating the intense game called “Tag,” and with Chishiya’s help, they stood able to get them out of their case. After the gesture, Chishiya develops an alliance with the two.

Chishiya’s Personality And Philosophy Of Life

Chishiya’s persona has a lot to do with his philosophy which reflects his character, beliefs, moral beliefs, and principles. This all affects and influences his behavior. The traits he displays are the ones that determine his charming and quiet character. Some people may be quick to judge his character by pointing out flaws that he displays, but it’s important to know the motives behind what he is. While it may appear initially that Chisiya does not have the proper manners and moral values, which makes his actions unprofessional, however, there are reasons behind his behavior. It is mostly his history that can’t be escaped regardless of how many attempts he makes. It has taken consequences for his character as well as influenced his views in the same way. Chishiya is, to a degree close to losing his belief in the human race.


Chishiya is aware of his position and dislikes the way he is. It doesn’t mean that the depths of his soul are completely in darkness. There are occasions in the story about Alice in Borderland when Chishiya shows emotion when he has lost someone. The time that depth of his grief could be observed as a result of one of the protagonists Keiichi Kuzuryu, being murdered. It was evident that he retained some of his human traits that were not at odds with the harsh, cold nature of the character. Another thing that is amazing concerning Chishiya is his ability to remain cool and focused mind even in the most challenging or tense of situations. Chishiya is calm and experienced. Chishiya makes the most of his ability to research and organize issues so that the methods he uses can be modified to fulfill his goal. Yet, despite various savage acts, he can no longer remain alive.

Chishiya’s Style And Fashion Statements

Chishiya is a stylish person and his way of fashion is superior to the rest. The fashions he chooses to wear and the clothing he chooses to wear reflect his character very well. His style is displayed to the excellent in the TV show version of Alice in Borderland and not the manga which doesn’t give his look the fullest representation. This is logical because manga comics are reading, but there’s not sufficient space for visualization of the characters or the background of the tale. However, on the contrary, TV series can show and show the characters in every feasible manner. The TV show We see Chishiya sporting fashionable attire often. One of the best instances of his style and attire is his outwear worn over his clothes which we must declare to be out of the world.


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Shuntarō Chishiya Death

So Chishiya is alive after the end of the season. The next morning, he is in a hospital, where he learns that he was the victim of an almost-death experience when an explosion of meteorites lands in Tokyo. The story is heavily based on the notion that the world of games can be described as purgatory and that all the participants such as Chishiya had to fight to survive after being trapped in the collision. After waking, Chishiya will try to be more honest.