Dress like Squid Games – Squid Games Costume Guide


Dress like Squid Games | Costume Guide

Squid Games

Squid Game is a South Korean survival drama television series streaming on Netflix, written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The series Squid Game is the trendiest series on Netflix and gaining popularity with the days pass. Not only the plot of the series is sensational but all the actors are also superb, everyone played his or her role with a dedication that made this series worth watching. The story of the series revolves around hundreds of cash-strapped players accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games. Inside, a tempting prize awaits with deadly high stakes. A survival game that has a whopping 45.6 billion-won prize at stake. We have observed the great demand for the costumes of this series, and we came to know every fan of Squid Game has a desire to wear it. We are always here to fulfill your desires and needs. Here we will guide you on how can you dress like characters in your favorite series Squid Game. Have a look at it.


Frontman Coat

Here we are presenting you with this dashing coat that will not only leave you with stylish looks but also amaze everyone around you. The coat is different from any other coat, its golden color makes it highly attractive. You can wear it on different occasions like concerts, comic cones, Halloween, or pub nights. The coat is tailored modishly and its cotton fabrication with viscose lining makes it comfortable to wear. Its attributes are great like a hooded collar, buttoned closure, and side waist pockets are nice to carry your necessities.



If you are dressing like Squid Game, then you must shop for this mask that will complete your appearance. The mask is comfortable to wear for being crafted with high-quality PVC material. The mask is arriving in two different colors black and white. It is easy to wear because of its elastic strap. Now amaze everyone through your new look at Halloween or Comic-Con.



Here we are suggesting these black gloves to add to your Squid Game costume and have a closed look at your character. The gloves are made up of genuine leather with a strap closure. You can wear it in winter with all apparel.



You have to shop these shoes with a complete costume, these shoes will give you a picture-perfect look of your character. The shoes are comfortable to wear and never get you tired. You can wear them with every outfit whether you are heading out for work or a party, concerts, or hanging out. The shoes are made up of leather with synthetic soles. 



Lastly, you need to shop for these golden pants to wear with all the above-mentioned coats. The pants are unique because of its golden color, it is made up of faux leather that will keep you warm and their fit and slim design will leave you with a heroic look and get you ready for parties, hangouts, or concerts.


Green Track Jumpsuit


Track Jumpsuit Jacket

This jumpsuit will give you the perfect sportsman look and leave you with cool and smart looks. If you are a big fan of the series Squid Game, then you should shop this jumpsuit and have a close look at your character. This jumpsuit can also be worn for outdoor games. The jumpsuit is made up of polyester and cotton blend fabric and arrives with remarkable features like a stand-up collar, smooth zippered closure, side pockets, and rib-knitted cuffs that will fit your body. The whole jumpsuit is arriving with a combination of green and white colors.



Here we suggest you shop for this white-colored T-shirt to wear under your jumpsuit. This T-shirt is must much-needed accessory in your wardrobe, you can wear it under another jacket or jumpsuit, and you can also wear it over tighter jeans in summer. The T-shirt is sweat-free and comfortable. It is made up of premium cotton fabric to keep you comfortable always.


White Shoes

These white shoes will give you a comfortable journey and never get you tired. If you want a close look at your character in Squid Game, then you should wear these shoes under the jumpsuit. The shoes are made up of synthetic material with rubber soles and lace closure. Now make every step worth admiring for you.

Pink Jumpsuit


Pink Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is always in fashion, it is a timeless piece of cloth. We made it easy for you to add a unique look to your way of clothing by wearing this jumpsuit to look original and daring in your style. The Pink jumpsuit is very comfortable for being fabricated by premium cotton fabric and fully lined by smooth viscose inwards lining. It has remarkable attributes like a hooded collar, smooth zippered closure, chest flaps, side pockets that are nice to secure your belongings, and ribbed cuffs that will fit your body. Why not make this Halloween highly admiring for you?



We suggest you shop for these gloves to wear with a pink jumpsuit to own a closed look of the guard in the series Squid Game. These gloves are made up of a wool and polyester blend that can be worn in all seasons, they will fit your hands and keep you cozy.



Now raise the standard of your way of wearing shoes for that we are presenting these black colored shoes that are made up of synthetic material with rubber soles. These shoes can fit your feet and make your every step comfortable. You not only with your pink jumpsuit, you can wear them but also you can wear these shoes for the workplace, parties, or hangout. These shoes are best for your adventurous trips.



We are presenting here this black belt to wear over a pink jumpsuit to get a close look at the guard in the series Squid Game. The belt is made up of leather which makes it ageless, smooth, and easy to wear. It is a most needed accessory that can be worn with different pants.


Conclusion | Dress like Squid Games

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