How to Dress Like Cad Bane


Complete Guide of The Star Wars The Clone Wars Cad Bane Costume

Despite being a lethal and ruthless bounty hunter, Cad Bane happens to be one unusually popular and praised fictional character. He is an antagonist in Star Wars franchise. Introduced in 2008,Bane is character who takes up almost any job as long as the price is right. He is also a specialist in hunting Jedi. He has a reputation of being galaxy’s deadliest, best, and most fearsome mercenary during the Clone Wars. He’s definitely one interesting choice for cosplays, particularly if it’s Halloween or a comic-con. We’ve secured the costume part of the cosplay by arranging a collection of best quality and best-matching products of the Cad Bane Costume. But to make the cosplay a success, you need to take care of getting into the role properly, on your end!


Cad Bane Pant

Cade bane pant is actually a warm covering for bikers. But it is also the basic feature of cad bane costume. The whole  look depends on these pants. It is made of cow leather and are easy to put on. The outer seam zippers are extremely easy to handle. The adjustable belt and snap closures around ankles makes them fit perfectly. Being a waterproof garment it is definitely a must buy for bikers and outdoor workers.


Cad Bane Toy Guns And Holster

Cad bane toy guns and holsters are an ideal gift for your loved ones. They are essential for the role players as the character cad bane is a warrior by nature. The set comes with two toy guns and a holster. Guns are battery operated and produces sound and flashes light.


Cad Bane Costume

If you have the taste for galaxy star wars characters then you will love this one. Cad bane costume is a complete package. It comes with a jacket,attached shirt,hat,gauntlets and a mask. The whole attire is machine washable. Mask can be cleaned with damp cloth. The mask should be stuffed with paper to maintain shape when not in use. The battery of the guns must be detached  to ensure the long life of the prop. In short it is worth buying if you are planning a role play of cad banes.


Cad Bane boot

Cad bane boots are nothing less than an expensive pair of boots. The premium design makes them look trendy and stylish. The upper of the boots is made up of leather. This makes them water and oil resistant. These boots are designed for people who work mainly outdoors. They appear to be nice and comfortable and can be worn for long hours. These boots are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.


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