How to Dress Like Stranger Things Eleven


Complete Guide of The Millie Bobby Brown Stranger Things Eleven Costume

Eleven (El), is the main protagonist of the American netflix horror and sci-fi tv series, Stranger Things. Eleven is portrayed by the famous child actor, Millie Bobby Brown in the best way possible. As she was kidnapped by the Hawkins Lab, she is completely deprived of social life and knows little about the world and its luxuries and also, she lacks communication skills for the same reason. She is extremely cautious about other people but, shows undying loyalty to the ones she care for. She is gifted with psychokinetic abilities like telekinesis (inclusive of levitation) efc. Both of which are referred to as “superhuman powers” by Dustin. Also, her mental abilities are somewhat linked to her emotions. Eleven, is a force to be reckoned with. She is kind, brave and loyal. Desperate for freedom, truth and love, El uses her powers for good and to help save Hawkins from the dark creatures of the Upside Down. Cosplay this amazing character and leave your audience in awe!


Eleven Jacket

The blue jacket is the signature style of the character Eleven in the series. It is blue in color and made up of cotton fabric. The viscose lining makes it comfortable and warm. The zip closing front makes it easy to wear,and the shirt collar adds style. There are two pockets at waist and a lace design on hemline. Full sleeves with elastic cuffs gives a cosy feeling.


Eleven Wig

This beautiful blonde wig is made up of high quality synthetic fibres. The adjustable net cap inside makes it easy to wear and fits perfectly.

It can be used all year round due its high quality fibres.  It can be added to multiple cosplay costumes.


Eleven Sleeve Dress

Eleven wore a short pink cotton dress with cap sleeves in the series. This dress is all you need to dress up like her. It has white round collar and delicate white lace all around the lower edge.


Eleven Teething Toys

This teething toy acts as a prop for the costume as eleven loves to eat waffles. The waffles have become the signature breakfast for all Stranger Things fans. This waffle teething toy adds effect to the Stranger Things Eleven Costume.


Eleven Shoes

These converse shoes are durable with a lace-up fastening and rubber sole. They can be used at casual occasions or can be used as running shoes. They are comfortable, neat and sturdy and El is seen wearing such shoes in the Stranger Things Eleven Costume.


Eleven Socks

She wore a  Dress with long socks in the series. Hence, these white and bottle-green socks complete the attire. They are made up of soft combed cotton yarn and spandex which makes them soft and durable.


Eleven Blood

Eleven’s powers are linked to her emotions and when her emotions reach the extreme level, her nose and ears start to bleed. Thus, to add drama to Stranger Things Eleven Costume, thus fake blood is essential.


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