How to Dress Like Katana


Complete Guide of The Suicide Squad Katana Costume

Katana is a popular character from the action based movie “Suicide Squad”. Her mysterious and unpredictable personality has left thousands globally impressed and thrilled. Here we have summed essential items for cosplaying an outstanding Katana Costume !


Girls Katana Child Wig

The Katana Costume can be made super amazing using this hair wig which is made from top quality synthetic hair. The wig is long lasting and durable hence can be used several times more. Also, this shiny silky wig makes it seem as if the original Katana has stepped out of the screen!


Suicide Squad Katana Mask

This white mask with a big red circle on the front is the major feature of the Katana Costume. It covers the face from forehead to nose. This mask makes the character appear mysterious who is withholding some sort of secret. The mask helps Katana cover her emotions and prevent giving away some weakness to her opponents.


Katana Kung Fu Sash

Katana is a Kung Fu skilled fighter and utilizes the traditional fighting tactics cleverly during combats. This red coloured Kung Fu sash symbolizes her expertise in the skill and is a warning for the enemy. Hence, this sash forms an important part of the Katana Costume displaying her strengths and keeping the enemies away.


Katana Faux Leather High Waisted Leggings

These high waisted leggings are made from real top quality leather thus have a longer durability time. Also,  they are elastic and can easily adjust to any size. Moreover, the shiny material adds on glamour to Katana’s daring attire.


Katana Ninja Sword Accessory

Being part of the suicide squad Katana remains always prepared for any kind of situation whether it be a quick skirmish or a long battle. This ninja sword holds a significant position in her life . Throughout the movie, she is seen conversing with it before battles and addressing to it as husband. The movie reflects some tragic event in her life where her husband’s soul was trapped in the sword. By including this sword in your Katana Costume you can even act out your favorite parts of the movie!


Katana Suicide Squad Jacket

This is a full sleeves jacket with a single front zipper. One of the sleeves has a broad white stripe and the front has stylish flower embossments. To cosplay Katana fully one must have this jacket for it is a prominent feature of her signature style. Certainly,one using this jacket in her Katana Costume is sure to become the highlight of the night and receive a shower of compliments!


Katana Very Volatile Women’s Saddle Boot

These long boots have a unique buckle design on the side which adds in classiness to the entire outfit. The boots have a very strong grip and a little heel to give height. The inner lining makes it comfortable and easy to wear shoes.


Katana Long Gloves Gothic Fingerless Thumb Hole Arm Gloves

These fingerless gloves are designed specially to enhance the Katana Costume by adding in the gothic element. These gloves give a rather bold and cool look to the wearer’s appearance. Also,  they can be used while cosplaying different characters. Surely, worth an investment!