Suzie From Stranger Things – Everything You Need To Know About Suzie


Suzie From Stranger Things – Everything You Need To Know About Suzie


It is not difficult to see why Stranger Things is now an iconic name in the realm of television business. The show is, in fact the highest-quality web series since it offers all the things that viewers want to experience. From thrilling plots to action-packed scenes, this web-based series has all of it. It’s one of the reasons that Stranger Things has gained numerous fans throughout the years. The show continues to set new record numbers of viewers, however, in all the great aspects of Stranger Things, there is something people miss frequently. The show features enough characters in the show. They’re diverse and distinctive each in their own way. There are so many wonderful characters it is rare to find a character that can aren’t viewed with awe. The show Suzie Stranger Things is one of the characters we’ll be talking about on this blog.

Who is Suzie Bingham in Stranger Things?


Suzie Bingham is among the characters that appear on The Stranger Things TV show. Suzie was first introduced to the show through an episode in Chapter One: Suzie, Do You Copy? which is the premiere episode in the 3rd season of Stranger Things. Suzie is a citizen of Salt Lake City, Utah and is a part of her family. There are three sisters, and four brothers who are Eden, Tabitha, Tatum, Cornelius, Sterling, Tanner, and Peter as well as Peter. 

The family she lives with is also Mormon, and they are very religious, committed to their beliefs, and follow strict rules for their household. Yet, Suzie has a bright side, and her hobbies are what make her a nerd. She’s interested in technological and scientific research and everything related to their fields. Also, she enjoys reading books about fantasy and comic books from time to time. These are just a few of the interests Suzie enjoys.

Meeting Dustin Henderson


Suzie Bingham was on an excursion to camp in the month of May of 1985. It was the summer camp known as Camp Know Where. Every child who is interested in technology attend the camp for sleepaway. Dustin’s first encounter differed from normal as the school bus escorted him off and he confronted two bullying students. Suzie and other classmates were awestruck by Dustin’s bravery during the incident and cheered for him right after, so awed were they by the moment. That act of speaking to fight bullies even if it was only an argument was what caused Suzie love Dustin. Then Suzie began to develop feelings for him, which his earlier actions aided. The way Dustin spoke to her and told her stories about him and life in Hawkins blew her heart.

Misunderstandings And Clear Ups

In spite of the brief exchange Suzie and Dustin were able to have on the bus they did not have the opportunity to meet one another. Suzie efforts to talk with Dustin following advice from an advisor named Dawn to speak to Dustin about science as it was an area of both their interests in the same. However, Suzie’s attempt was dismissed and rejected immediately, as Dustin was working on his game. Suzie misread Dustin and assumed the insult as her own, to her surprise. In the end, she walked away, walked out of the room, and did not introduce herself to Dustin. The next day, Dustin and Suzie happened to be working in the same area. Dustin noticed her, however, she continued working. Suzie continued to speak with Dustin yet again, but she was interrupted after a second time.


Then she ran off out of the area, believing that Dustin was shouting with rage to prevent her from walking towards her. It wasn’t an issue, because Dustin didn’t realize that she was Suzie. When he realized Suzie mistakenly believed her anger to be her own, Dustin felt a deep sadness over his ignorance and the confusion it caused. repent and also to clarify the confusion, Dustin went looking for Suzie and found her. Once he located her, the man expressed his grief in telling her how badly it felt. He efforts to convince her that she was mistaking his anger for something else as a result of some other reason. After the tension was cleared and sat, they finally were able to meet and speak with one another. Then, Suzie and Dustin will be on great and friendly terms.

Friendship Turned into Love


At that point, Suzie and Dustin would form a strong bond lasting for many several years. The bond between them would become stronger when they’d spend around a month when they first met. In a way that was not what anyone would have expected or could detect that the pair would begin experiencing feelings towards one another which went beyond friendship. It wouldn’t be long until the two shared their love for the other and became an officially married couple as time was the most important factor. The couple did numerous things with each other, such as being in love with the title track of The NeverEnding Story as in addition to solving some math calculations every now and then.

As June rolled in, it was time to go to the other after their camp trip on Camp Know Where ended and came to an close. Before they parted on their own, Dustin came up with the most amazing concept that would allow him to stay in touch with Suzie throughout the day. Dustin employed all his innovative abilities in technology and science to develop a device he named Cerebro. It’s an actual ham radio which you can use for communication over long distances, allowing you to keep in contact with those you love. Dustin also gifted Suzie the cap that he had designed to ensure that if she ever missed him she could gaze at it and think about his life.

The Long Wait

When Dustin returned to Hawkins when he returned, he shared with his acquaintances about Suzie as well as the Cerebro constructed by him to reach Suzie. The group did accurately they were able to get the Cerebro work, by putting it in the high point within Hawkins and it would never function. The result was much doubt among Dustin’s family and friends. They thought that Suzie didn’t exist, and informed Dustin that he was thinking about her all the time. On the other hand the other hand, this all caused enough grief for Suzie who was unable to be able to comprehend the reason the reasons why Dustin did not contact her. In the same way, Dustin felt the same and tried his best to make the radio work but had no luck in the end. The waiting game started with 5 days of attempting and failing, Dustin was finally able to get in touch with Suzie which was to Suzie’s delight.

Suzie wasn’t expecting to get a response from Dustin in any way, considering that there had been over five days since the last time he talked to her. However, despite the long wait and all, they eventually met up and Suzie wanted to know what he was doing and what was he up to. Dustin spoke to her about the bizarre things happening in the city of Hawkins. He explained what he did in defending the world against Russians as well as monsters.

Saving The World

Suzie’s geekiness and brilliant talent will prove to be beyond a cute issue for people who are geeks. Suzie’s talent will prove to be useful to save the Party on a variety of occasions. In one instance the outcome would prove to be her mathematical skills that led to Suzie deciding on how to go ahead with Hawkins and eventually saving it. There was no one better to look for Suzie’s benefit than Dustin himself, or according to Suzie calls him, “Dusty Bun.” Dustin approached Suzie, his “Suzie Poo” (yes, this is how he refers to Suzie Poo) to obtain the Planck’s Constant which Suzie requested to solve a mathematical formula instead.


Suzie told him to learn the math equation because it’s necessary for the sake of saving the world. When Suzie performed a duet together with Dustin to the theme tune of The NeverEnding Story, she presented him with Planck’s Constant towards the end of the film. Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers then utilized Planck’s Constant to unlock a safe that contained keys. Dustin shared with Suzie about what her small benefit was in the larger image and it ultimately saved the entire world to Suzie’s delight.

Getting into a World of Trouble

Following the initially benefit, Dustin realized what the magic of Suzie’s abilities can do and what they could do to benefit transform any situation. Even though he was not self-centered at all however, he would seek Suzie’s benefit at times. Dustin was not an enthused student at best as his marks showed this more clearly. Dustin received the grade of D for Latin and, realizing the grade could result in his school being canceled or, worst of all, expulsion, contacted Suzie and asked for benefit. He asked Suzie to make changes in his grade and this did not go over quite well with her at the beginning. However, after a time, she reluctantly opted to change his grades. This is what you need to do to show love for someone special, and Suzie showed the same by hacking into her Hawkins High School computer program.

Although she was not inclined to, Suzie changed Dustin’s grade in a way that got Dustin to the top of the list. However, this was way too much, and, as a consequence, she made a commitment that she would remorse for the sin she had committed. It wasn’t the last word because she was unable to conceal the truth for very long, and she decided to share the information with her father. the incident. Everyone expected her father to be furious and irritated by his daughter’s actions. However, his concern was more about her involvement with someone who doubted God and faith. This led to a punishment, resulting in Suzie getting thrown in jail and her laptop taken from her for the rest of her life. Her father began together his computer stored it in his room and secured it.

What’s more to come for Suzie in Stranger Things?


While Suzie removed the computer, she was able to stay in contact with Dustin and made contact with him via the Cerebro device Dustin gave her. Within a short time, Mike Wheeler, Will Byers, Jonathan Byers, and Argyle visited her in order to seek benefit. They needed to find the number for one of the computers and find its place. The team informed Suzie they were doing an advertisement for a brand new gaming console that they were able to win and present to Dustin to celebrate his birthday. Suzie was able to benefit the group out, and she gave the group the location of the computer. The last time we got to see of Suzie in seasons 3 and 4. You can rest assured that Suzie’s journey on Stranger Things is not over but it’s not over. We can anticipate seeing Suzie’s story unfold in the coming season 5 of Stranger Things.

Suzie from Stranger Things: FAQ

General Information

Q1: Who is Suzie in Stranger Things?

A1: Suzie is a character introduced in the third season of Stranger Things. She is the girlfriend of Dustin Henderson, one of the main characters. Suzie is portrayed by actress Gabriella Pizzolo.

Q2: How does Suzie contribute to the plot of Stranger Things Season 3?

A2: Suzie plays a crucial role in the climax of Season 3. She helps Dustin and the gang by providing Planck’s constant, a necessary code to unlock a safe and shut down a machine that is opening a gate to the Upside Down.

Character Details

Q3: What is Suzie’s background?

A3: Suzie is a highly intelligent and resourceful girl who loves science and math. She attends summer camp where she meets Dustin. Suzie lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Q4: What is Suzie’s relationship with Dustin like?

A4: Suzie and Dustin have a long-distance relationship, having met at a science camp. Despite their distance, they share a strong bond and frequently communicate via a homemade radio system.

Memorable Moments

Q5: What is the “NeverEnding Story” scene?

A5: The “NeverEnding Story” scene is one of the most memorable moments in Season 3. Suzie and Dustin sing the theme song from the movie The NeverEnding Story over the radio. This scene occurs during a tense moment when the group needs Suzie’s help to save the day.

Q6: Why do fans love Suzie?

A6: Fans love Suzie for her intelligence, charm, and the iconic duet with Dustin. Her character brings a mix of humor and heart to the series, making her a beloved addition to the Stranger Things cast.

Behind the Scenes

Q7: Who plays Suzie in Stranger Things?

A7: Suzie is played by Gabriella Pizzolo, a young actress known for her roles in theater and television.

Q8: Will Suzie return in future seasons of Stranger Things?

A8: As of now, it is not confirmed whether Suzie will appear in future seasons. However, given her popularity, fans are hopeful for her return.

Fun Facts

Q9: What is Suzie’s full name?

A9: Suzie’s full name is never revealed in the series; she is simply known as Suzie.

Q10: Did the “NeverEnding Story” scene have any impact outside of the show?

A10: Yes, the scene became a viral sensation, with fans and celebrities recreating the duet. It brought renewed popularity to the original song from The NeverEnding Story movie.