Robin Hood Taron Egerton Costume Guide


Full Guide of Taron Egerton Robin Hood Costume

Robin of Lexloy, played by Taron Egerton, is an outlaw who fights for the victims of oppression. In the movie, Robin Hood released in November 2018, he has been portrayed as a selfless yet courageous hero who utilizes his skills of archery to protest against injustice. Being a war-hardened Crusader and along with the assistance of his Moorish commander, Robin wages a ferocious revolt against the corrupt English crown. Throughout the movie, Robin is seen to be wearing a similar outfit which seems to become his signature style. To cosplay Robin, you need seven items ranging from Robin Hood shirt to Robin Hood Archery Set which is all easily accessible in our Robin Hood Costume at our website on very affordable rates.


Robin Hood Jacket

The Robin Hood Jacket is a quilted navy blue upper. It is made up of the best quality leather thus the product is long- lasting. The full sleeves jacket has been specially designed to give the impact of old-age England from where the character has originated.


Robin Hood Coat

This gorgeous long length coat is one of the most captivating things The Robin Hood costume. It is being authentically designed with top grade leather material with a soft inner viscose lining to give extra comfort. Sleeves are full in length with open hem cuffs. The Robin Hood coat carries a vivacious looking crisscross quilted pattern all across that makes it a mind-blowing outfit to admire.


Robin Hood Shirt

The first item in our amazing Robin Hood Costume is the Robin Hood Shirt which is fawn-colored and is manufactured using top quality cotton. The sleeves are three- quarters and the collar’s width can be altered using the front buttons.


Robin Hood Scarf

Next, is the blue colored Robin Hood Scarf produced using a special wool blend to ensure wearers comfort? In the movie, the scarf is constantly wrapped around Robin’s neck.
Hence it has become one of the important clothing items when cosplaying.



Robin Hood Pants

These Robin Hood costume are not only what essentially completes your costume, but are also very much comfortable.


Robin Hood Boots

These knee-high boots are the perfect complement to the Robin of Lockley ensemble. The boots have large cuff folds over the outside edge of these boots, to give them a distinct and authentic look. They’ve been designed to suit your costume and comfort. The heel is small and easy to walk on. Whether you are an experienced archer or not, you can easily simulate the signature look of the wildest outlaw in Nottingham with these Robbin hood boots!


Robin Hood Archery Set

The tale of Robin Hood is probably incomplete without his legendary bow and arrows. Since Robin of Loxley is an athletic young Nottingham nobleman, he’s known for splitting an arrow in two with another arrow. For that reason Taron Egerton was seen with a similar Robin Hood Archery Set, and no wonder his archery skills were legit. To mime, Robin Hood and his skills, this Robin Hood Archery set is exactly what you need. It’s pretty much durable and easy to handle.