The Dark Knight Rises Movie Bane Costume Guide


Tom Hardy Bane Costume Guide for All The Fans of The Dark Knight Rises Film

If you have been watching the Batman movies since the 90’s, you must know who bane is. You would have rarely seen him in a major role, but things get a bit different in Dark Knight Rises where he’s the main antagonist who proved himself a super villain by showed what exactly he is capable of doing. Bane was formerly a member and the field leader of the League of Shadows is now intending on destroying Gotham. Bane forces Bruce Wayne to start again his character as Batman after 8 years and rescue the Gotham City once again. He is one of those villains that almost ended Batman’s legendary streak of defeating villains as he has both the brains and brawn to take on Batman. He is an expert in hand-to-hand combat. Tom Hardy as Bane was a perfect choice with that huge physique of him that required lot of training and perfect Dialogue delivery that is hard to get. But there is one thing that you can get in a very easy way, and that is the Bane costume.

Here you can become The Dark Knight Rises’ super villain, deadly mercenary and powerful nemesis of Batman, Bane with the help of this costume collection. We have put together all the necessary items and we’ll be talking about the most significant chunks of the Bane Costume below.


Bane Coat

To add a dominating effect to your Bane costume, you need this Shearling coat. This distressed brown-colored trench coat is made with cow leather. It features a remarkable faux shearling lining inside the coat to provide you with required warmth. It also had a Fur shirt style collar. It also has 6 button loop closure with strap and button cuffs. It made with quality material with Strong detail stitching to give you a magnificent look.


Bane Mask

You must have witnessed him wearing the striking mask in the film. Bane’s mask gives him a continuous supply of pain killing gas and his survival depends on it, which explains his high-pitched voice. It fits on an average adult head and consists of breathing holes so that you can breathe with ease when wearing it. This mask is the vital part of Bane costume and looks pretty terrifying on his face and we bring you the exact replica of Bane’s mask as shown on screen.


Bane Trouser

Bane is seen wearing pants, for obvious reasons. But, these charcoal grey pants are made of 100% cotton for athleticism, agility, comfort and style. Bane’s costume can never be complete without these appealing Cargo style pants. Bane’s pants are elegant as his jacket and comes with 2 large front cargo pockets and 2 rear cargo pockets to keep your gadgets and stuff. These pants also features knee pads to help you prevent from injuries. These pants are casual enough to be worn in casual situations as well.


Bane Gloves

These Bane wrist Guards or gloves are something you’d never want to miss. The detailing of your bane costume is incomplete without these gloves. These leather straps gloves with buckle fitting wont only protect your wrist from strain and injury but will give u a must add-on style item in your bane costume.


Bane Boots

Boots are a necessary piece of any costume. Like Belt to your pants, gloves to the jacket, same as that boots to your pants. These Classic combat jungle boot. Lightweight with. Padded insoles are pretty tough like our tough big man, bane.

Bane Black Coat

This top class and classic Black coat is made with Top quality cow leather and comes with remarkable faux shearling lining inside the coat to protect you from chilly weather. It comes with two chest pockets, one inside and two flapped pockets with buttons outside. It features Shirt style fur collar with button strapped cuffs and Loop front closure with six buttons. The detail stitching and quality material makes this coat a Party-perfect!

Bane Leather Jacket

This splendid and trendy jet black jacket is made with genuine leather. It comes with inner polyester lining and Padded shoulders and elbows to make the experience comfortable for you. It also comes with adjustable belt on waist along with Four large flapped pockets with button and Zip and button front closure.

Bane has a huge fan following, and he is one of the favorites among the villains of DC comic. His style and sense of fashion can’t be ignore in the long list of super villains. He has got that overall persona that makes him every inch of a super villain. Grab these items and Practice to make your voice sound like him which will scare the villain outta every one.


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