The Silent Patient Movie: A Comprehensive Overview This Movie


The Silent Patient Movie: A Comprehensive Overview This Movie

Novels can be the basis for success, particularly in popular media. Every successful Film or TV show has the beginnings of a novel book. Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings are two of the names you can think of out of on top of mind in the context of novel adaptations to films with huge popularity. Both are among the largest blockbuster movie franchises in history. There is soon to be a new one joining both of them, namely the Silent Patient. It is a planned movie. Silent Patient movie is a scheduled one based on the novel with the same title written by a British Cypriot writer known as Alex Michaelides. The novel is considered one of Alex’s most accurate works in his job to date. In this article, we’ll review the novel’s story and talk about whether it could be made into a movie.

The Story of The Movie: The Silent Patient Film

Before we begin, let’s make something clear before beginning this piece: the Silent Patient Movie is in development. With that done we’ll focus on the narrative, which will be built on the novel either loosely or with precision. The story the plot revolves around an innocent woman who’s to be guilty of killing her husband. The story, however, is not just about resolving the murder mystery or explaining how it was discovered. It also explores the gloom and the nature of the events surrounding the case. In this instance is someone named Alicia Berenson, who goes on to murder her husband Gabriel Berenson. The couple both are artists, with the first having a background as a photographer and the other a well-known painter. In the aftermath of the crime, Alicia is brought before a judge where she will be judged whether she is innocent or guilty.


The verdict was delivered shortly after when she was in the process of being found guilty of murdering her husband. In response to a plea for a reduction in sentence, Alicia escapes prison. Instead, she’s sent to an extremely safe Forensic facility known as the Grove. Within the Grove, there is a Forensic psychotherapist called Theo Faber who takes an interest in the case of Alicia. He is fascinated and interested. The curiosity of his son leads him to request his superiors with a formal plea for him to be the person who treats her. Theo receives his desire presented as he gets appointed to handle the case of Alicia. Since the murder, Alicia has become silent and hasn’t spoken one word since. Despite her silence, Theo begins to see gains in her therapy. Theo even decreased her dosage and gave her some rights which she did not previously possess.

The Twists And Turns Unveiling The Truth – The Silent Patient

Alicia’s silence conceals a shocking fact. Through a twist of fate which reveals the therapist she has been working with, Theo was the mysterious person she has written about in her diary. Theo is the person who snuck into her house to uncover her husband’s affairs with his wife. The truth is, however, that all the details are not known to Alicia or, at least those who read it are made to believe that. Then, following the incident, Theo points the gun towards Gabriel as well as Alicia and puts the outcome of both their lives under the control of Gabriel. Gabriel was given Gabriel the choice of either to choose for himself to save his own life or to choose Alicia and save her own life instead. Although he was selfish, Gabriel could have been, Gabriel chose the latter opportunity and decided to protect himself as was expected leaving Alicia exposed in the cave of lions.


However, Theo’s reason however scandalous it was, was to expose Gabriel’s true visage to Alicia and disclose his narcissism. Theo moved on to go to their house with no damage to either. After a while, upon awakening to find the real version of her husband Alicia is confronted by Gabriel. Her reaction was shocking as she discovered that the person she had trusted, the man she had lived married to was a selfish man. Amid this tense action and a tense moment, Alicia ends up killing Gabriel. Afterward, when Alicia finally chooses to come to release and reveal her story around the man in a mask, Theo realizes that she can identify The man. To attempt to silence her He issues a lethal overdose. Theo is ignorant of Theo his log, it exposes his genuine identity and his activities which ultimately lead to his detention.

The Genre Of The Silent Patient

The story’s genre that is The Silent Patient is that of a thriller with a psychological element, crime, drama, as well as mysteries. Despite the fragments of murder scenes the story of The Silent Patient is not an eerie one, but instead one of a psychological thriller that is much like Gone Girl or You TV series. Both of them show a character who becomes obsessed with their life and have dark motives. Their way of reaching their motivations could put other people in danger. There is no doubt that certain people are wrong in their thinking.


In The Gone Girl movie, a woman is the antagonist. On the other hand, in The Silent Patient, the girl suffers from the domino effect, where the events and tragedy fall one after the other. The tone in The Silent Patient however is a darker one. Like the two ones we have mentioned It explores the darker aspects of human life. If it’s crime, loss, regret emotional warfare, or an uncontrollable obsession The Silent Patient is a perfect example of everything.

How The Silent Patient Gets To You

The Silent Patient’s story is an incredibly thrilling one and will take you to places that were previously unimagined. It is true, that The Silent Patient’s story is more than every psychological thriller. It’s one of the most challenging as well as mind-boggling tales you’ll ever encounter. With so many twists and twists, it is impossible to know what’s coming next. You can be sure that your mind is going to be presented with facts you did not know. You can be sure that either reading the story or watching it turned into a movie can leave you in a state of confusion throughout the day. The story will make you think about your life as well as the truth. But the purpose of the book’s plot and film, to be precise does not aim to make the reader to madness. It is the pleasure of understanding and reading the plot that draws you in and draws you into.


In some ways, it draws your attention as you get so absorbed in the book that you fail to realize how much you’ve been fascinated by the book. When you finally discover, you’re unsure if there’s a chance to make money in it, you’d like to. You can’t go around because your sense and soul are already exposed to the horrors and horrors that The Silent Patient is replete with. The intensity of the novel is a force that grabs you and surpasses you to the point that there’s nobody you can do but go on. All of these emotions are activated by simply reaching through the text within a book without visualization to improve the intensity. You can then believe what the story is like after the novel has been made into a film. It is also safe to declare that once the movie comes out on the big screen the movie will keep the audience glued to their seats.

Will The Silent Patient Be Adapted Into A Movie?

The novel has made lots of waves and has more fans each day. What about the film? Is there going to be a version of The Silent Patient or not? The answer to that one is not an easy one. There were discussions of the novel being turned to film and the whole thing was agreed upon verbally but it never came to fruition. What was the problem was that none of it was officially signed. It was just discussions on paper, and there was there was no formal agreement. was ever signed.


However, that doesn’t mean that the concept of bringing the universe that was The Silent Patient movie to existence is no longer in the bag. Discussions are going in the background, and the film may be on the drawing board shortly. Two prominent names were revealed that would be considered to be in a leading position to benefit from making The Silent Patient movie real. One of them was Brad Pitt’s production company, Plan B, and the other was Annapurna Pictures, which Megan Ellison directs. They signed to make a deal worth 6 figures to acquire the bragging rights. But it’s only God knows what transpired to this.

Possible Reasons For The Deal Not Panning Out

Discussions about The Silent Patient movie are exactly as fresh as the desires of those who love the book and want to watch it play on the large screen. The pen hasn’t yet been put on paper until now, and even before it gets agreed upon and is made an official document, there is still speculation. The future of the film is in doubt. As of right now, it’s difficult to determine if a film will be released or it isn’t. It could be that the film was canceled because of a disagreement with the creative team as well as scheduling or casting difficulties.

However, we should just hope The Silent Patient movie gets completed as quickly as possible to ensure that we are entertained with some quality entertainment. Although we are unable to settle the creative conflicts or determine the best timeframe for the release of the film, we could but we can give you my personal opinion about which actors we believe would be perfect for the role. To warrant that when the discussions of potential actors take place, our thoughts could be considered (or likely not).

Stars That Would Perfectly Fit The Roles – The Silent Patient Movie

Before giving our personal opinions on which actors will better fit this character, it’s important to be aware of the primary persona. Four main characters are featured in The Silent Patient, and the following are their names:

Theo Faber, a psychotherapist.

Alicia Berenson, the silent psychotherapy patient who killed her husband.

Gabriel Berenson, husband of Alicia.

Kathy Faber, wife of Theo.


In terms of The Silent Patient movie cast We will begin by introducing Theo Faber. We believe that someone similar to Cillian Murphy might be able to play the character. In all likelihood, he’s had played a similar character as Theo’s doctor. Jonathan Crane, also popularly known as The Scarecrow. Like Theo, Crane, too did have his method in dealing with his patients. For instance, take Carmine Falcone, for example when he was at the side of the Crane’s treatment. Theo’s “treatment.” For the character that Alicia Berenson played Alicia Berenson, two Hollywood actors pop up in our heads: Rosamund Pike and Emily Blunt.

The two actresses each have their fair amount of experience playing psychological thrillers. With the first actress playing the lead in a movie called Gone Girl and the latter acting as the lead in a movie called The Girl on the Train. In the case of Alicia’s husband Gabriel Berenson, we suggest that someone similar to Peter Greene could play the part. What, you might wonder in a hazy way, but I think. We also think Isla Fisher is an ideal choice for the part of the wife of Theo, Kathy Faber.

Similar Novels That Failed to Become a Movie

If it can be of benefit to you, The Silent Patient is not the only book that has failed to become a film after it was previously determined. There are two other books and novels that have failed to make it into movies, despite when everything was laid out. One of them is “All of the Light That We Cannot See” written by Anthony Doerr, and the second one is “The Incredible Kavalier and Clay” written by Michael Chabon. One of the largest film studios around the globe, 20th Century Studios, acquired the rights to the film for”All of the Light” We Don’t See.

However, in the end, the decision was made to produce the four-part Netflix miniseries to accompany the project. Similar to The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay when Scott Rudin purchased the movie rights. The script was even created by Michael Chabon, and the actors who would play the leading characters were selected as well by Natalie Portman and Tobey Maguire. However the book was never planned to become, and the novel was not made into a film. Let’s hope these two films together with The Silent Patient movie, will be produced.


That’s it and that’s it for this post on The Silent Patient movie 2022. We’ve done our perfect to make sure we share every bit of details available about The Silent Patient movie with you. It’s up to the time of release to determine if the novel will be accepted for film production or not. We hope you enjoyed the blog post and loved the plot The Silent Patient movie will feature once it’s released. But, if you’d like to check out more of our posts, for instance, related to Costume Guides, then you can check them out on the blog section on our site. We have published costume guidebooks of famous characters such as stars, celebrities, and actors like Pitbull and numerous others. Blogs are posted regularly and encourage you to keep an eye on us and make sure you are the first to check them out as they are released.