How to Dress Like Paul Rovia


Complete Guide of The Tom Payne The Walking Dead Jesus Paul Rovia Costume

He’s smart, he’s friendly, he’s charming, he’s humourous. He’s Paul Rovia. Better known as ‘Jesus’ by his friends, he is one of  the main characters as well as a survivor of the outbreak in The Walking Dead series is portrayed by Tom Payne. Paul has the potential to steal but only when he  knows it won’t cause much damage and also, when he’s sure he’s stealing half of whatever someone has. Although he shows mercy to anyone who surrenders and those who are innocent but he, undoubtedly, has the capability of killing people in order to protect his friends. Much loved and valued by his companions, justice and equality are his foremost priorities. He’s a peacemaker and has a long beard because of which, he earned the nickname, “Jesus”. Paul Rovia is  known to befriend people easily. A naturally gifted strategist, a wise and logical person, Paul is loved by fans and also, is extremely easy to cosplay.


Jesus Coat

Internally lined by viscose, this brown coloured Jesus coat is available in wool material. With open closure from the front and open hem cuffs, it is extremely easy to wear. The fine stitching gives a close imitation to the Paul Rovia Costume.


Jesus Vest

Since Paul is noted to be dressed in several layers of clothing, here’s the second upper worn by Paul. The Jesus Vest has Rib knit at back waist and collar. With its zipper closure, hand warmer pockets and warm jersey knit quilt lining it is highly comfortable to wear.  It is water resistant and repellent.


Jesus Knit Hat

The Jesus knit hat is a warm and cosy. It’s warm fleece lining and stretching capability makes it a wise choice for almost any occasion and head size.


Jesus Brown Sideburns

The synthetic Jesus sideburns are 3.94 inches high and 1.94 inches wide. These are handmade novelty mutton chops that are available in grey, brown and black colour. We recommended you to buy the brown ones, as they are the exact match of Paul’s. They are easy to apply and reusable.


Jesus Wig

Definitely, you do not have to grow your hair for months in order to cosplay the very famous Paul Rovia. We have arranged the high quality Jesus wig for you. It is washable and easy to use.


Jesus Goatee Beard

This typical biker beard is Paul Rovia’s signature style. Therefore, the Jesus Goatee beard is one very essential component of the Paul Rovia costume without which the costume is incomplete.


Jesus Belt

The Jesus belt has a wide width and is manufactured from leather. It is available in a wide range of sizes and at a very reasonable price.


Jesus Gloves

The Jesus gloves are water repellant. They can be worn in every season, be it winter or summer.


Jesus Boot

The Jesus boots have slight heel and lace-up closure. Giving just the right amount of professional look to the Paul Rovia costume. It’s manufactured from genuine leather so its durability is guaranteed.