How to Dress Like The Wasp


Complete Guide of The Ant-Man And The Wasp Hope van Dyne Costume

With Marvel Universe ruling the cinemas, The Ant Man and The Wasp was an instant box office hit.  Hope Van Dyne, also known as The Wasp, was portrayed by Evangeline Lilly in the best way possible. She is the daughter of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne and the CEO of Pym Technologies, which ultimately makes her an expert business woman. She has a determined and focused personality. She is also depicted to be very snarky as she taunted Lang to be “useless” or “princess” when he acted incompetent. Hope is self-assured and usually very blunt. Although, she can be brutally honest at times but is also motivating, encouraging and kind. Her suit enables her to shrink to the size of wasp, just like Ant Man’s suit. Also, her suit provides her with superhuman strength and durability. Furthermore, she is capable of taking flight, thanks to her  artificial insect like wings. Hope also has the power to fire bolts of energy from her wrists and can manipulate insects. As she was raised by Hank Pym, she has a genius-level intellect. The Wasp, is also a master in martial arts and acrobats which makes her fighting skills have no match and are incomparable. She has a super cool look and to recreate the same look, we have compiled the best costume guide for you!


Wasp Leather Jacket

Made up of high quality faux leather this jacket is inspired from the movie the ant man and the wasp. Inner viscose lining is added to this stylish jacket for extra comfort. It has full length sleeves and a stand up collar which adds a cool look to it. There is no front opening which makes it a perfect costume for roleplays.


Wasp Mask

Ofcourse, your costume is incomplete without the mask itself.The wasp mask is made up of good quality resin. It is lightweight and durable. It does not emit any smell and is comfortable to wear. Due to its high grade quality it will last long and is a perfect addition to the costume.


Wasp Wings

The wasp wings are typically handmade.  The material used to make these supercool wings are wire ,nylon and paint. These wings are extremely realistic in appearance and a must have for the cosplayers.



Wasp Hot Wheels

The was Hot wheels is a must have for the Wasp costume. It is a storage case so that you can store stuff easily, and has an easy grip. It is an amazing collectable and can be used for various purposes.


Wasp Costume

Last on the list, is this ultimate wasp costume, inspired by the movie. It is made up of blue  knit, gold, silver, black and orange leather, and transparent soft rubber. All in all, it is made up of high quality material and is bound to leave you audience awestruck.the-wasp-costume-guide