How to Dress Wolverine


Complete Guide of The X-Men All Series Wolverine Costumes

Wolverine is the iconic mutant superhero, who never seems to put on the classic blue & yellow costume, except in the Marvel comics.  Hugh Jackman has a much more realistic take on the character.

Nonetheless, the fans are pleased and impressed by the character’s unique and outstanding set of abilities and powers. Included in one of the most ferocious heroes, Wolverine has an unstoppable healing power, adamantium metal claws and an absolutely solemn attitude.

Consequently, Wolverine is an interesting character to cosplay. To make the experience more enthralling and entertaining for you, our Wolverine costume guide includes everything from his realistic and comic costume.



Logan Brown Leather Jacket

Wolverine costume can not be completed without this leather brown jacket. The material used is durable and comfortable. An impressive piece of garment that can be paired up with other costumes also.


Logan Jeans

Hugh Jackman can be seen wearing this jeans throughout the movie Wolverine. Logan jeans is a pair of comfortable jeans that can be worn casually. The fabric used is extremely durable and long lasting.


Fake Fur Beard

This beard is made up of high quality synthetic material. It can be fixed with adhesive glue. A fun prop that can be used on multiple occasions.


Logan Claw

An essential part of your Wolverine costume. These blades are safe to play with as they are made up foam. Designed in realistic manner the Logan claws will surely take cosplay to another level.


Retro Hugh Jackman Costume DIY


X Men Days of Future Past Wolverine Jacket

The Wolverine jacket holds extreme importance in the cosplay. Actor Hugh Jackman can be seen wearing this jacket throughout the movie series Wolverine. This particular jacket features the young Wolverine and so does the design. The fitted design suits the younger age group of fans the most.


Wolverine Jacket

Another must have for the cosplay. Manufactured in high quality leather with soft viscose lining this jacket is ideal for winters. The strapped round collar makes it different from other Wolverine jacket. Three brown stripes on shoulders is an attractive feature.


Wolverine Black Hair Wig

Wolverine Wig is mandatory for the cosplay. It allows immediate transformation. The high quality synthetic fires ensures easy maintenance.


Wolverine Shirt

An essential part of the Wolverine costume. The checkered shirt can be paired up with other garments. Made up of comfortable and absorbent material this shirt is ideal for casual use.


Wolverine Tank Top

White tank top is a staple piece of garment for every wardrobe. The Wolverine tank is stitched in comfortable manner. It is an ideal undershirt for everyday use.


Wolverine Pants

A good pair of jeans never goes unnoticed. Wolverine pants will definitely bring you to the limelight.

These pants are manufactured by high quality jeans material that will definitely last long.


Wolverine Boots

Wolverine boots are an important part of the Wolverine costume. These boots are strong enough to be used during heavy outdoor work. The ankle length shaft provides protection against harms.


Wolverine Belt Buckle

An essential prop for the Wolverine cosplay. This native indian buckle represents the werewolf origin. Thus alloy buckle can  be an ideal gift for Wolverine fans.


Fake Puff Cigar

A prop that can not be neglected. These puff cigars looks life like and can be used at different occasions during role plays. Made up of foam that makes it safe for young people to play with.


Wolverine Dog Pendant

Hugh Jackman can be seen wearing this dog pendant throughout the movie. The tag is imprinted with the word Wolverine which makes it the mark of identification of the character. It is made up of good quality steel which resist rusting due to sweat or humidity.


Wolverine Claws

A treat for Wolverine fans. These claws are all you need to feel like a real wolverine. The blades are so realistic that it can be used as highly professional props. The high grade stainless steel makes it worth buying.


Wolverine Hugh Jackman Costume


Wolverine Hugh Jackman Coat

This coat is inspired from the movie Wolverine. It is made up of good quality leather and is lined with soft viscose material. The dark fur collar makes it appealing.


Complete Wolverine Kit

This Wolverine kit is mandatory for the cosplay. It has all the essential that are required to dress up like Logan. The tank top and pants are made up of absorbent material. Claws are lightweight and easy to use.


Wolverine Motorcycle Leather Jacket

A classy leather jacket which is designed especially for outdoors. Wolverine inspired jacket can be worn on all occasions and will definitely catch attention of fans and cosplayers.


The Last Stand Wolverine Wig

This particular Wig is a must have for the Wolverine costume. Made up of high quality synthetic fiber which is easy to maintain and clean. It fits perfectly and does not looks fake.


The Last Stand Wolverine Pant

Wolverine pants are typical pants. It can be paired up with other costumes also. The sizes fits according to the standard measurements.


The Last Stand Wolverine claw

Wolverine Claws are attached with leather gloves for easy use. The Claws are made up of plastic material which makes it lightweight.


The Last Stand Wolverine Boot

The black colored Wolverine boots can be worn as casual shoes. The ankle length shaft makes them stylish. Side zippers ensures ease in wearing and fits perfectly.


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