How to Dress Like Age of Ultron Scarlet Witch


Complete Guide of The Elizabeth Olsen Age of Ultron Scarlet Witch Costume

Wanda Maximoff, also known as, the Scarlet Witch is the twin sister of Pietro Maximoff and a member of the Avengers. She is portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen in the Avengers: Age of Ultron as well (Elizabeth portrays her generally). Wanda is excellent at combat and  has mind-linked powers such as telekinesis, energy manipulation and telepathy. Due to her childhood trauma and the violent state of her country, Wanda developed a hostile attitude and would always prefer an unmediated fight in support of what she believes. She is brave, imprisoned ,courageous and sensible. Also, she is somewhat self-doubting because of all the mistakes she has made in the past. The Scarlet Witch is ready to do anything and everything for the people she cares about and all this ultimately makes her a super awesome character. To cosplay her you need a couple of things all of which are mentioned in this guide!

Scarlet Witch Jacket

 Scarlet Witch Leather Jacket

The Scarlet Witch leather jacket is a compulsory part of the Scarlet witch costume. This amazing jacket is made up of sheep skin and is provided with quilted inner viscose lining for extra warmth and comfort. The beautiful  hot red color makes it a fashion statement. High neck collar and branded YKK front zippers gives it a stylish look.

Scarlet Witch mini dress

Scarlet Witch Mini Dress

Black colored garments always adds drama to the atmosphere. This scarlet witch mini dress is  a must have for cosplays,parties and casual wear. The fabric used is soft and comfortable. The flared dress can be worn with full confidence as it is not thin or filmsy.

Scarlet Witch arm warmer

Leather Arm Warmer

These leather arm warmers are an important prop for the costume. They are perfect for winters and looks stylish and trendy. The side zippers makes them easy to wear.

Scarlet Witch zone sock

Women’s High Zone Sock

Classic black colored knee high socks are a must have. Made up of stretchy and breathable fabric these socks are comfortable to wear.

Scarlet Witch necklace


The necklace is an exact replica of the one worn by the Scarlet Witch. This makes it an important prop for the Scarlet Witch costume.The chain is made of high grade brass metal and does not irritate skin.

Scarlet Witch boot


These combat boots are 100% manmade. The synthetic sole and strong stitching makes them durable. The laceup shaft makes it easy to adjust. 

Ultron Scarlet Witch Costume

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