How to Dress Like Kill Bill The Bride


Full Guide of The Uma Thurman Kill Bill Volume 1 The Bride Costume

Beatrix Kiddo, commonly known as “The Bride” was a leading protagonist in the movie Kill Bill-
Volume 1, and it’s sequel Kill Bill-Volume 2. This ruthless played by Uma Thurman in the
two-part movie “Kill Bill” is a leading protagonist in the film. After recovering from the coma she had been in for four years, she swears to avenge herself which means, killing Bill. The brutal, merciless, relentless, revengeful Beatrix gained immediate popularity. Even Though, she is an assassinator, she is the best female antihero character and is considered as the baddest killer. Famous amongst masses, this costume is much in demand though the costume itself is not much demanding. We guarantee you a pleasant, seductive, awestrucking, cosy and the perfect Kill Bill costume.


Yellow Jump Suit

The first step to dressing up like Beatrix is this jumpsuit. This yellow jumpsuit is inspired by The Kill Bill costume. It is made up of high quality shiny spandex and has a black front zip-up. It is extremely comfortable and easy to carry. It is durable and washable.


Beatrix Suit Stripe With Patches

Second on the list is, this Beatrix  suit stripe with patches which is also inspired by the one Uma Thurman wore in the movie. It provides a gathered look due to the stripes sewn around the elbows. The padded front areas resemble to motorcycle racing jacket. The jacket features a front zipper, flap with snap closures at the bottom and neck of jacket. Anyone who has watch the movie will know that this is necessary for the attire.


Bride Sword

We all know the role of props in any costume. The Kill Bill costume demands this Bride Sword. This sword was specially made for The Bride, killer of her own kind. The blade is made of Carbon steel and is oiled for protection. Carry this sword around you and add a dramatic touch to your costume. This sword is sure to overflow you with hundreds of compliments on a party or anywhere you go wearing this cool Kill Bill.


Long Light Gold Hair Synthetic Wig

Dyeing and cutting your hair or wearing a wig for a costume. Which one would you chose? Any sensible person would go for the wig. It is made of high quality synthetic fiber and  is heat resistant which means… you’re free to style it! Also, it can be used for various occasions as well as other costumes. Furthermore, Beatrix has such hair so you automatically know how essential this wig is for your costume.


Yellow Sneakers

The Kill Bill costume is eye catching because  of the yellow colored attire. From top to bottom, hair to shoes, you’re supposed to be wearing yellow only!  These high quality yellow leather sneakers are perfect for this costume. Also, they can be paired up with other outfits as well. They are perfect for casual wear, cosplays and a lot more. Just make sure that you’re creative with your shoes and who knows how amazing it all turns out to be?