What Is A Bomber Jacket? Male And Female


A Bomber Jacket Introduction

Today, we see that everyone likes to wear Bomber Jacket, it is considered a part of apparel but if we look back we will come to know that the bomber jacket was first fabricated for the pilots for their protection against the bitterly cold conditions, these jackets were a stark necessity of cockpit because WWI fighter planes were open-air, these jackets were used to be fabricated by horse leather or sealskin usually with fur inner.



Looking Back at Bomber Jackets

If we look back then we will come to know about the origins of Bomber Jacket, first, it was fabricated in World War1, in that time most of the airplanes did not have enclosed cockpit, the warm apparels were needed to keep pilots protected against cold winds, so the bomber jacket was first fabricated by U.S Army as the Aviation Clothing Board.

Then B3 Bomber jacket was fabricated during World War 2 that was usually crafted by sheepskin with some new advancement through aerospace technology. It was used to be worn when fly higher to stay warm.

From time to time, the Bomber jacket started to enter in the4 wardrobes of civilians as it was also essential for the military, then the MA-1 bomber jacket was introduced that was used to be fabricated by nylon fabric with orange lining, this advancement of the jacket makes it popular among the civilians crossed over various borders and civilians.

Why is it called a Bomber Jacket?

It is called a bomber jacket and this name is driven by its original purpose to cover pilots when they bombed lands below. In short, we can say it is called bomber jacket because bomber pilots in WW1 wore them first.


What materials are used to make Bomber Jackets?

Today, the bomber jackets are in every wardrobe because of its looks and style, therefore, today bomber jackets are crafted by different materials like leather, nylon, polyester, cotton and it is usually made from suede leather too.


What is a Quilted Bomber Jacket?

Today you can see the quilted bomber jackets are in high demand and can be found in every wardrobe. This jacket has a quilted surface that is stitched with different layers in different styles like the quilted design at the front, back, sometimes the quilted surface is detailed on sleeves only.

What is a Padded Bomber Jacket?

Padded jackets are warm winter jackets with synthetic fibers, it can protect you against severe cold. Padded bomber jackets are usually padded from shoulders, elbow but now the full padded jacket is also in great demand.

What is a B3 Bomber Jacket?

B3 Bomber Jacket was crafted during WW2 for aviators, these jackets were constructed to keep the pilots protected from chill winds. The B3 Bomber Jacket is crafted by the combination of sheepskin and shearling, the more advancement is sheep fur to provide warmth, it is designed with different features.


What do you wear with a Bomber Jacket?

The bomber jacket has its own highly attractive look, it does not matter what should be worn under it, you can either wear tighter jeans and t-shirt or females can also wear a bomber jacket over shorts, skirts, frock sometimes over a bikini. It is all about your sense of dressing or up to where you are moving out, bomber jacket always gives foxy look to your personality.

We would like to suggest to you that:

  • For a classic look, you should go for an unadorned and simple Bomber Jacket.
  • You should go for brown, green, and blue colors to own the original look of Bomber Jacket
  • Be careful about size while buying a bomber jacket, it should not be oversized or undersized.
  • You can make good pair of bomber jackets with a t-shirt or a buttoned shirt.
  • A bomber looks great with casual textures such as knit ties and checked shirts
  • You should wear leather shoes with a leather bomber jacket to own a classic look, you can also wear sneakers or joggers with a futuristic bomber jacket to own a chic look.
  • Don’t wear a bomber or a flight jacket over another jacket; it adds too much bulktypes bomber jacket

Types of Bomber Jackets


Polyester Bomber Jacket

  • Polyester Bomber Jacket Style

Today we find polyester bomber jackets in great demand, all fashion-loving males prefer to wear over t-shirts with tighter jeans, women are also not behind, they also like to wear them because of their lightweight. The Polyester fabric does not only make it lightweight but also make it weather resistant. Either weather is cold or warm, you can wear it and enjoy your admirable look.

woolWool Bomber Jacket

  •  Wool Bomber Jacket Winters

If you want to stay warm in the winter season, then you should go for a wool bomber jacket. It is crafted by wool fabric that makes it warm and ageless. The wool bomber jackets also arrive in different features and textures. The wool bomber jacket is the choice of highly fashioned males and females.


Suede Bomber Jacket

  • Sway with Suede Bomber Jackets

You can also go for Sway with Suede Bomber Jacket that is crafted by suede leather. Suede leather does not only keep you warm but also provides you highly graceful looks. It comes in different colors and different features. If you want to look different from others, then you must go for the suede bomber jacket to be fashion-forward always.


Leather Bomber Jackets

  •  Luxe in Leather Bomber Jackets

Leather is a much used and traditional material, it gives unique look to every jacket, what if you wear a jacket crafted by the combination of real and suede leather, you will be admired by everyone surely. The Luxe in leather Bomber Jackets arrive with different features, you can shop bomber jacket crafted from real leather and sleeves from suede leather, just like that you can find different combinations and colors, every combination and look will give you highly elegant looks.


Colorful Bomber Jackets

  • Colorful Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets arrive in different colors and every color gives you a unique look whenever you wear them but usually, some men and women don’t go for different colors, they like to wear a bomber jacket in elegant green or khaki colors. These two colors are considered traditional colors in bomber-style jackets and are mostly worn. Aside from these bomber jackets arrive from white to cool blue, the maroon, black, and burgundy color bomber jackets are also worn by the number of males and females.


Flight Bomber Jackets

  • Aviator Flight Bomber Jackets

Aviator flight bomber jackets were crafted by U.S Army, it was a uniform of aviators but today we find that Aviator Flight Bomber Jackets are in great demand because of their features and fit and smart look. It is usually worn in brown color.  If you want a dapper and graceful look, you should go for Aviator Flight Bomber Jackets.


Classic Bomber 70’s Jacket

  • Classic Embrace

You can also go for a Classic style bomber jacket that is arriving with some traditional or new advancements to give you true classic colors of style, it came back with a youthful and dynamic design to give you a classy look.


Modern Bomber Jackets

  • Modern Moments

The bomber jacket, one of the classic men’s fashion items, comes back in new ultra-modern looks. You can purchase a Bomber jacket with unique features like a fur lapel style collar, or with a stand-up collar, in modern look, the bomber jackets are mostly arriving with zippered closure with several pockets are placed in different styles, you have to just  Combine your jacket with the t-shirt and tighter jeans, add right pair of designer sneakers for a sophisticated casual look.


Futuristic Bomber Jacket

  • Futuristic Findings

The look begins with a stand-up collar or lapel-style collar secured by two silver snaps. For a contemporary look, the stylish leather jacket has an asymmetrical front closure that zips all the way from the right shoulder to the hemline, you can purchase a futuristic bomber jacket in different colors like silver, golden, multi-colors, or prints also.

What is a Bomber Style Jacket?

The traditional style of the Bomber jacket is well-known by everyone. When the first bomber jacket was designed by the U.S army, it used to have fur lapel style color, buttoned closure, fours pockets, and rib-knitted cuffs and hemline this is the right and traditional style of the bomber jacket.

What is a Flight Bomber Jacket?

The Flight Bomber Jacket was crafted in World War I, the materials that were used were all-natural products, so Flight Bomber Jacket was constructed of sheepskin, fur, and tough leather in order to secure pilots from the chill wind.

Flight Jacket Family Tree

From time to time, many different models and iterations of the Flight and bomber jacket were created. In the U.S, flight and bomber jackets were created in two materials, we can consider them in two models, “B” model jackets are crafted by sheepskin, while “A” model jackets were usually crafted by leather, cotton, wool, and silk. Have look below over Family Tree of Flight Jacket

A1 Bomber Jackets (1927-1931)

A1 model type Bomber Jacket was first constructed between 1927-1931, first worn by flying superstars, such as Jimmy Doolittle. It was the first jacket featured by buttoned closure, two cargo size flapped pockets, wool rib-knitted cuffs, and waistband, and the material was sheepskin and inner was made by cotton fabric.


A2 Bomber Jackets (1931-1943)

A2 type model of Bomber Jackets was designed between 1931-1943, it was produced in a wide range in the U.S until 1943, during this time period so many advancements were applied on it such as A2 Bomber Jacket was constructed by horsehide leather and lined by silk fabric and closed collar in order to protect the wearer from cold wind, it was first worn in world War II. Later it was modified by goatskin leather and cotton lining and decorated by artwork. It is the most famous model among the civilians of that era.

B3 Flight Jackets (1934-1943)

B3 type model of Flight Jacket was inspired by Leslie Irvin’s. The American Military created their own B3 Flight jacket, it was constructed by sheepskin and features by wide shearling collar tighten by two straps, zippered closure, and side zippered pockets. 

B6 Flight Jackets (1939-1943)

Between 1939-1943, the cockpits were used to close, therefore, aviators needed less bulky and heavy jackets, in a result the B3 Flight Jacket was created. It featured a slimmer cut, a single leather throat latch, and angled slash pockets.

B7 Flight Jackets (1941-1942)

The B7 jackets are also called B7 arctic parka was produced between 1941 to 1942 during WW2. The material composition for the B7 jacket is shearing inner and leather for the outer shell, except for the hood that is lined with coyote fur.

B10 Flight Jackets (1943-1944)

In 1043, the military introduced B10 Flight Jackets in replacement of A2 and B6, this model is less bulky and lighter weight, it was liked by every aviator because it was more versatile. The other military officers also used to wear B10 Flight Jacket although it was not a part of their uniform.

B15 Bomber Jackets (1944-1954)

Although B10 gained so much popularity B15 type model replaced it with its new features and advancement in 1944.

M422 and M422a Jacket (1941)

As the Jet Age began, the M422 and M422 a Jacket suspended the B15 model. This bomber jacket used to arrive in blue and sage green color with an orange lining and featured rib-knitted cuffs and waistband, turned-down collar while the M422a jacket had a rib-knitted collar. The look of M422 was considered a bomber jacket in modern fashion.

G1 Jackets (1938-Present)

Then in 1986, the G1 type model of Bomber Jacket was introduced in the spotlight with the release of the popular film Top Gun. The genuine leather was used as outer sell, featured by turned-down shearling collar, zippered closure, buttoned cuffs, and side pockets, embroidered tags were placed. 

MA1 Bomber Jackets (1958-Present)

The MA-1model type of Bomber Jacket was designed by the United States Air Force to serve as an intermediate-weight flight jacket for use all year, manufactured from very high-quality nylon fabrics and polyester interlinings.

MA2 Bomber Jackets (1980-Present)

MA 2 model type of Bomber Jacket is an advanced version inspired by the original MA-1 bomber jacket that was originally designed for the American military during the 1950s.

Irvin Flying Jacket (Battle of Britain 1940 & WW2 1940-1945)

Irvin Flying Jacket was produced by the thinking of an aviator Lesley Leroy Irvin, he introduced this jacket with heavy material like thick natural wool, shearling lining, wide collar, and belt fastening that did now allow chill air to go inside the body to drop the temperature of aviator. This jacket got popular and being sold like a hot cake then soon disappeared after the war then it is revived again for its fans.


Are Bomber Jackets Warm?

Yes, bomber jackets are warm, they were specially designed to keep aviators warm in WWI and WWII when planes did not have cockpits. Bomber Jackets are perfect for the winter, exhibiting a functional aspect, but looks equally stylish, with the right fit and even texture that makes this type of bomber jacket unique

Are our bomber jackets waterproof?

Bomber Jackets arrive in two natures, they may be waterproof and non-waterproof bomber jackets are also available for purchase. Today we can find most of the bomber jackets water resistant because it is made of nylon fabric but bomber jackets are being crafted by different materials now. 


Are Bomber Jackets Hooded?

Today we can purchase the combination of traditional and modern style in Bomber Jackets, it also arrives with a hood for the purpose to keep protected from cold winds. The hooded bomber jacket does not look only highly fashioned but also can keep you warm, however, most of the bomber jackets have a removable hoodie.

What to Consider before Buying a Bomber Jacket

There are three main ways to buy a bomber or flight jacket: vintage, reproduction, or fashion. You can buy vintage with high quality and real shape but you have to pay many dollars that can’t be affordable for everyone, if you want to spend less, you should go for reproduction or fashion. Reproduction is better for someone who wants an authentic look, longevity, and high quality. If you want to spend less then we suggest you shop fashion bomber jacket with modern features and looks. 

Zipping up this Topic on Bomber Jackets

Now we are zipping up this topic on this conclusion that Bomber and Flight Jackets have a rich history that goes back to WWI and WWII. Now we all are well-known about it that is why the Bomber and Flight jackets were crafted or for whom they were created. We know that Bomber and Flight Jackets are still in fashion and worn by a large number of men and women, only the changes are made from time to time up to the choices of its fans and fashion. Today you can shop vintage, reproduction, and fashion bomber jackets and wear them with different apparel in different ways to look classy and super stylish.