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How to Dress Like Willy Wonka


Complete Guide of The Chocolate Factory Willy Wonka Costume

Willy Wonka, the all-so-famous character of Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” was portrayed by Gene Wilder in the 1971 movie adaptation of the book.

In the movie, he has blonde hair and a brown hat (in the book it was black) and he wears a light purple shirt under his purple coat along with a brown bowtie. His dressing reflects his quirky personality. He is the founder of the “Wonka Candy Company” and is the greatest inventor of candies in the whole world. Wonka’s personality, dressing style, factory and every little thing related to him is completely unique and out of the world which makes his costume stand out when being cosplayed. He is known to be hyperactive and very jumpy, extremely euphoric for his age. He constantly keeps jumping around and keeps shouting out his thoughts in cheerful ways. Despite of his quirky and jumpy personality, Willy Wonka is wise and calm when necessary. Due to his past, Wonka hardly cares about anyone at all and hates even the word of “parents” instead, he refers  to the parents as “moms and dads”. Although, we know that he hardly cares for others, he is also known to care for children by instructing them about their “ do’s and don’ts” in the factory. Also, he has made “safety of children” a priority in his own factory. The Willy Wonka Costume is easy and simple to recreate and is sure to be unique abd a stand-out!


Willy Wonka Coat

First up, is his signature purple coat which is the most significant part of the Willy Wonka Costume. It is made up of velvet and the soft viscose inner makes it comfortable. This full-sleeved coat has a notch style collar and a button closure. 


Willy Wonka Hat

Second on the list is, his signature brown hat. It is comfy and durable as it is made up of high quality material. Also, it can used at various other cosplays amd occasions.


Willy Wonka Bow Ties

In the movie depiction, Wonka also wears this brown Bowtie. It is adjustable and adds class to any clothing. Thus, it can be worn with other outfits as well.


Willy Wonka Shirt

To go under the purple shirt and vest, this shirt is essential. It is a great addition to your day-to-day wardrobe as well.


Willy Wonka Vest

This shirt is especially inspired by the movie itself. The purple attire of Wonka reflects his personality thus, it is an important part the Willy Wonka Costume. It is made up of cotton and is affordable.


Willy Wonka Cane Silver

Next, you need this sliver cane as Wonka carries it around. This cane compliments the costume and is an ideal prop for the Willy Wonka Costume.  It can be used with other costumes as well.


Willy Wonka Pant

This pant is made up of cotton. It has a zip fly and button closure. This pant is extremely comfortable and can be used for everyday casual wear as well. Also, this pant can be washed in machine.


Willy Wonka Shoes

To complete the attire, you will be needing these leather shoes. They have a rubber sole and are in dress style. They are sure to keep your feet healthy and happy, which reflects its high quality. These shoes are ideal for the Willy Wonka Costume.