How to Dress Like X-Men Rogue


Complete Guide of The X-Men Rogue Costume

Appearing initially, in the Marvel Comics, Rogue is a dynamic fictional superhero who is commonly associated with X-Men due to its immense popularity and huge fan-base. Rogue basically a mutant with super-human strength and can absorb of abilities, memories, personality, and physical characteristics jus by touch. She also has the power of flight. She has been one of the very prominent characters of X-men.
She’s been amongst the top 25 members if the X-men, according to IGN’s top 25 X-Men. Her appealing and strong personality and attire has made her immensely popular amongst fans and Cosplayers. Therefore, here we have compiled for you the best of Rogue’s Costume products in highly affordable prices.


Rogue Leather Jacket

Rogue’s brown leather jacket is manufacture from genuine leather with soft inner viscose lining, making it comfortable to wear. Being finely stitched, it has a standup style collar with half sleeves. It gives the Rogue costume a bit of lift and distinctive look.


Rogue Wig

Ever Since Rogue had accepted her eccentric white streak, she decided to grow her straight hair to beautifully long length. This version of Rogue’s Costume includes the medium length wig. It is basically brown coloured, with whitish silver streak. It’s high quality and guaranteed durability makes it a very wise choice for completing the Rogue’s cosplay.



Rogue Belt

A belt is always is a bold statement for any outfit, be it a costume or casual wear. Choosing the right style and size is a skill, though. This Rogue belt fits all buckles. Unlike, the other Rogue costume belts available in the market, this one is 1.5 inches thick which is actually the most accurate match.


Rogue Buckle

Without this Rogue buckle, the entire Rogue costume remains a bit deficient. This buckle basically represent the Logo of X-men and is therefore, an identification mark of the character as well as the costume. It will definitely help your audiences identify the character you’re cosplaying even better.


Rogue Boot

These knee high Rogue boots add the finishing touch to your entire Rogue Costume. Featuring a 3 inch block heel, it has side zipper. It’s jazzy and trendy look best compliment the Rogue costume.


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