Xo Kitty Ending Explained – Ending Of Xo Kitty Explained


Xo Kitty Ending Explained – Ending Of Xo Kitty Explained


Xo Kitty, the most popular matchmaker on TV, Song-Covey is now getting her personal fairytale romance story. On May 18, 2014, on Thursday, Netflix premiered the new To All The Boys series Xo Kitty. The ten-episode show follows the baby sister of Lara Jean Kitty (Anna Cathcart) when she chooses to reunite with her mom’s death by going to the same high-end border school situated in Seoul, South Korea. Giving tribute to her mom isn’t all the motive Kitty is considering attending KISS. Korean Independent School of Seou (KISS). High school student Kitty wants to get back together with her long-distance love, Dae (Minyeong Choi) She hasn’t had the chance to see him since she met Dae IRL when she was on vacation in the last To the Best of the Boys film. After Kitty is in Seoul Kitty discovers it’s not exactly as she imagined. The XO series, Kitty is stuffed with love stories that will make you swoon as well as K-pop classics which you’ll be rocking to until you’ve finished binge-watching the entire series, and fun conversations about crucial topics such as sexuality.

What Happens In The Last Episode Of XO, Kitty?


XO Kitty’s season’s final episode starts the morning of the Korean Talent Show at KISS. The story begins when Kitty tells Dae that she is feeling with an individual. Dae thinks Kitty’s affections are with Minho and then tries to smack him. Disappointed by the reaction of Dae, Kitty ends their fight and makes it clear that Minho isn’t who she loves. 

Following Dae’s response Min Ho expresses that he and Kitty ought to be desirable friends since the relationship isn’t going well between Kitty and Min Ho. When Min Ho leaves, Kitty confesses to having affection for Yuri during the evening of Min Ho’s birthday party. Dae questions Kitty the reason she chose to pursue the man she thought she was in love with someone else she says she was enquiring about her sexuality. She also likes males and females. An obviously disappointed Dae concludes the conversation and walks away.

Jina’s family has an interaction together with professors Alex, Yuri, and Professor Lee. Jina states that she did not reveal her pregnancy to him as she did not want to stop him from working towards his dream to become a competent singer.

In the evening, Kitty calls her dad and answers the issues she’s been asking regarding her sexuality. Dr. Covey Dr. Covey assures Kitty that it’s perfectly normal to feel uncertain about what she feels as she’s in the teen years. Kitty is honest about what she’s done at school, and she explains her method of with the time she spent in Seoul to develop and improve as an individual. She also reveals that she’s learned about her mother throughout her time in Korea.

The story continues on as Kitty prepares for her summer vacation and speaks to Q about her feelings towards Yuri as well as her fears about returning to school next term due to her performance. Q confesses the fact that Florian did not do his accurate on his exam in order to preserve his scholarship and Kitty insists Q to take care of Florian. Q is furious and demands Kitty on her sly judgemental.


On the next day each of the students in the boys’ dorms go over their marks for the term. Q shares with Florian that he was able to pass and was shocked to discover the fact that he took the top spot from Dae because he cheated. Anthony Keyvan discovers that Kitty was also a winner, and is found at the entrance which leaves everyone stunned. Anthony is later confronted by Florian over cheating, and then the warden of the dorms immediately informs Kitty as being in the dormitories for boys.

Kitty attends a meeting at the school board. She attempts to convince them. However, Jina tells her she’s being expelled from school for violating the conduct code by living in the boys’ dorm. Kitty attempts to alter their minds by giving them an emotional message in the lunch hour however it fails.

Kitty is packing for her return flight and is sad to say goodbye with Q. While Kitty gets ready for her destination, she bumps across Jina who hands her one of her mom’s letters. Kitty replies by giving Jina an album that her mother has left in her car. Dae discovers that his scholarship was lost after coming last to Florian. As Dae informs Q his joy with the fact that Kitty was able to pass, Q reveals that she was kicked out of school. Dae promptly has her father take Dae to the airport in an try to meet Kitty before she departs to go home.

Do Kitty And Dae Get Back Together?


Dace is on his way to the airport, and then is able to meet Kitty and they share an honest discussion about their relationship. They choose to split to end their relationship. Kitty affirms Dae that they’re both the first love of each other and that nothing can ever alter this. They share a kiss and then part ways.

What Happens With Kitty And Yuri?


Kitty encounters Yuri at the airport. She shares her thoughts about how she feels towards her. The exchange was abruptly cut short when Juliana’s arrival. After Kitty goes off with Yuri to meet her ex-partner, Yuri calls her mother and requests her to review Kitty’s removal.

How Does Xo, Kitty End?

The series is preparing for its final episode, Kitty runs into Min Ho on an airplane and he confesses that he is in love with Min Ho. Kitty takes the plane home to Los Angeles and is stunned by the discovery she’s Min Ho will be sitting right next to her. Min Ho reveals he’s off to see his mom who lives in Los Angeles, and Kitty tells him about how she split with Dae to be with Dae. It also prompts Min Ho to confess that was in affection with Kitty while they were in the school. The show concludes with an incredibly stunned Kitty getting ready for the eleven-hour journey from Seoul returning to her residence to the US.


FAQ: Ending of XO, Kitty

Q1: What is XO, Kitty?

A1: XO, Kitty is a spin-off series of the To All the Boys films, following Kitty Song Covey as she attends a boarding school in Korea.

Q2: How does XO, Kitty end?

A2: The series ends with Kitty uncovering family secrets and facing challenges in her relationship with Dae. She finds her own path, leading to personal growth and self-discovery.

Q3: What are the major revelations in the finale?

A3: Kitty learns about her mother’s past and Dae’s complex situation, which impacts their relationship.

Q4: How does Kitty’s character evolve by the end of the series?

A4: Kitty matures, balancing her quest for love with personal growth and understanding her heritage.

Q5: Is there a possibility of a second season for XO, Kitty?

A5: There’s no official confirmation yet, but the open-ended finale suggests the potential for more stories in Kitty’s journey.

Q6: How have fans reacted to the ending?

A6: Fans are divided: some like Kitty’s realistic journey, others seek more closure in her relationship with Dae.