How to Dress Like Derek Hale


Complete Guide of The Teen Wolf The Tell Derek Hale Costume

Derek Hale serves as one of the main characters in the first four seasons of the popular  MTV series, Teen Wolf. The handsome, Tyler Hoechlin portrays him in the best possible way. Perhaps, this is another reason which contributes to Derek’s popularity as a character. He is also one of the shows’ most popular ships, Sterek. 

Derek is a werewolf belonging to the Hale Family and is also known as Miguel. His clothing is casual and simple but gives him the complete bad boy werewolf look with a dark color-scheme and the signature leather jackets. 


Ever since his first appearance in Wolf Moon, Derek Hale made a positive impact on viewers. Due to which, the Derek Hale Costume is also one of the most searched one. Here, we have provided to you a comprehensive guide on how to recreate his attire, which is really simple. 

With that being said, let’s start with the guide, shall we?


Vintage Stand Collar Black Leather Jacket

Starting with this signature black leather jacket. Without this, your costume is nothing but incomplete. This high quality black jacket is made up of faux-leather and is lined with polyester which increases durability as well as comfort. The zipper closure makes it easy-to-wear. The jacket features a vintage stand collar with belt which adds style to the jacket. It can also be doubled up as a casual motorcycle jacket. 


Black Fitted T-Shirt

To wear underneath the jacket, we have this fitted black t-shirt. Not only is it necessary for the Derek Hale Costume but is a great addition to your everyday wardrobe because seriously, when does a black t-shirt not come in handy? Made up of Cotton and Spandex, this crew neck t-shirt is extra-stylish and almost identical to the one used in the original Derek Hale Costume. 


Gray Denim Jeans

Derek’s clothing is dark-colored. Thus, with black shirt and jacket, you will be needing these gray denim jeans in order to fulfill the demand of the Derek Hale Costume. This pair of sturdy slim-fit denim jeans have just the right amount of stretch to ensure all-day-long comfort. They’ll give you the cut-close, slim-fit look with added comfort. Also, we see in the series that Derek wears a gray pair of jeans. Thus, this pair of denim jeans compliments the attire perfectly. 


Devil Red Contact Lenses

Yes. This is the secret to attaining red eyes like Derek. You might not find these red contact lenses on a local store, so we made the job easier for you! These red lenses are bright and scary, which is exactly what you need. They provide a dramatic effect and give you just the look.


Vampire Teeth Fangs

Lastly, you cannot be a werewolf without the fangs right? These vampire Fangs will do the job of adding extra effect to your Derek Hale Costume. Be ready to amaze your audience! 


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