How to Dress Like Squirrel Girl


Complete Guide of The Doreen Green Squirrel Girl Costume

Searching for the perfect, world-famous Squirrel Girl Costume? Well, congratulations! You’ve landed on the right page.

Over the last two decades, squirrel girl’s fun and charming personality have won the hearts of millions. The fantabulous Marvel character brings light-heartedness and a touch of humor to the dark, deep, and intense tales. Her superhuman senses and strength, prehensile tail, razor-sharp claws, squirrel-communicating skills, and retractable knuckle spikes combined with her joyous personality have made her an all-time favorite. Let’s learn more about transitioning into this witty character!


Deluxe Squirrel Ears

Try out these outstanding squirrel ears to make your Squirrel Girl Costume as realistic as possible. The furry, bushy, and remarkably long ears comprise of high-quality synthetic hair. Its easy-to-use feature makes it an idealistic option for all age groups.


Squirrel Tail

Undeniably, the Squirrel Girl Costume would remain incomplete without squirrel tail. With a muddy-brown color, the squirrel tail comprises a durable and quality material that will last till years. You can even use the squirrel tail for other squirrel cosplays. 


Brown Fur Paw Gloves

If you walk up into a costume party wearing an aesthetic Squirrel Girl Costume, I bet it is going to look unique. But if you do not wear fur paws, then your costume would lose all its appeal. Dressing up like a squirrel, you need to ensure that the entire costume replicates the original character.


Squirrel Girl Jacket

This cool jacket has been manufactured using real and high-quality material. Thus, it will last longer if managed with care. The zipper design on the front and the belted design on the sleeves adds a glamorous touch to the Squirrel Girl Costume. Also, the white furry collar and sleeve ends give a classic contrast to the brown jacket.


Brown Biketard Bodysuit

The brown Biketard bodysuit is an essential part of the Squirrel Girl Costume as the character herself is seen wearing it a lot of times. It is made out of a stretchable material so that it can fit all sizes.


Dark Brown Leggings

Stretchable and comfortable, these plain, dark brown colored leggings add the element of glamour and style to the Squirrel Girl Costume. 


Brown Boots with White Fur Trim

These brown boots have a stylish belted designing that looks aesthetic together with the Squirrel Girl Costume. Offering a sturdy grip, you can use these boots for long walks and hikes too.


Khaki Tactical Belt with Pouches

Squirrel Girl is certainly fond of collecting nuts and different items along her way! Well, to replicate her innocent habits, add this khaki belt with pouches to your Squirrel Girl Costume.


Acorn Earrings

These cute little acorn earrings are a wonderful addition to your Squirrel Girl Costume. Using accessories can greatly enhance your appearance, and with these adorable earrings, you will surely become the highlight of the cosplay party night!


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