Guardians of the Galaxy Series Star Lord Costume


Full Guide of The All Guardians of the Galaxy Series Star Lord Costume

Why Star-Lord Doesn't Have Elemental Blasters In Guardians of the Galaxy

Peter Jason Quill, better known as the Star Lord, is portrayed by Chris Pratt. Star Lord is the leader of Guardians of the Galaxy. He is optimistic, heroic and quite sarcastic at the same time. We all know about Star Lord, his awesomeness and his amazing personality, which is why let’s just begin with the costume guide.

Guardians of The Galaxy 2 Star Lord


Star Lord Original GOTG 2 Jacket

The red colored leather jacket is an important part of Star Lord costume. Made up of genuine leather, this jacket is definitely a valuable addition to your wardrobe.


Star Lord Shirt

Star lord shirt is a must have for every fan anr cosplayer. It has the Star lord logo printed on it which makes it all the more valuable.


Star Lord Mask

Star Lord mask makes the  costume complete. It is a toy mask but imitates the original one perfectly. 


Star Lord Gun

Dressing up as Star Lord without the guns? Not the best idea. Star Lord and guns go together. Thus, it is an essential for the Star Lord costume.


Star Lord Pant

The Star lord pants is a combination of cotton fabric and faux leather. The premium stitching and costume style makes it durable and attractive.


Star Lord Boot

Star lord boot are made up of high quality leather and obviously, he wears these cool and stylish boots at all times; making them necessary for the costume. 

Infinity War Star Lord Costume


Star Lord Infinity War Jacket

A treat for Star Lord fans. This jacket is ideal for Star Lord cosplay. It is made up of high quality leather in maroon color. 


Star Lord T-Shirt

A standard styled grey colored t-shirt. The Star Lord T-Shirt is extremely comfortable to wear.


Star Lord Pants

The Star Lord pants can also double up as your day-to-day pant. It keeps you safe while riding a bike or doing outdoor work.


Star Lord Shoes

The Star lord boots are designed to compliment the aura of the character. These boots are also suitable for casual use.


Star Lord Belt

A high quality prop for the costume. The belt is made up of good quality  leather with a brass buckle.


Star lord Helmet

You can never dress up like Star Lord completely without Star Lord helmet. This outstanding helmet is made up of high grade plastic. Loved by people who are passionate to perform cosplays with perfection.


Star lord Lazar Blaster

The lazer blaster is loved by children and adults both. It is also an amazing collectable.

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord


Guardians of The Galaxy Star Lord Coat

Inspired by GOTG 2, this comfortable, maroon colored trench coat is made of faux and real leather which gives it a fashionable

Adult Star Lord Mask 

As mentioned earlier, and as any fan would know, this mask is the identity of Star Lord and the necessity of the Star Lord Costume.


Star Lord Belt

Star Lord Costume comprises of this belt as he wears it in all movies and this, too, is one of his signature item.


Star Lord Pant

These durable pants not only go best with the Star Lord costume but also, can double up as your ‘Motorcycle pants’.


Grain Half Chaps

These grain half chaps are made up of the highest quality material which makes it durable and comfortable as well. It has a zipper closure.


Star Lord Shoes

These leather shoes are durable and comfy as well as just the right shoes for the Star Lord costume. It has a synthetic sole which makes sure to keep your feet happy at all times.


Star Lord Blaster

As mentioned previously, it is an important prop for the Star Lord  costume.  Also, they make the cosplay more life-like and fun.


Star Lord Orange Headphone

Not only do they go with the GOTG Star Lord costume but also, can be used in day-to-day life.


Star Lord Sony Walkman TPS L2

Star Lord Costume demands this walkman as a prop as he valued it greatly. As the last present from his mother, Peter had great attachment to it and kept it with him at all times.