Colossus Deadpool Costume Guide


Full Guide of Stefan Kapicic Deadpool Colossus Costume

The fictional character ‘Colossus’ appears in the massively successful movies; Deadpool and Deadpool 2. He is a mutant who grew up in the time of the tragic Chernobyl disaster in Soviet Ukraine. As a result of this, he has mutant abilities that make him immensely powerful, mainly the ability to cover himself in a dense metallic layer to protect himself during altercations.
Stefan Kapicic stars as the enormous metallic guy with a big heart. He wants to contribute to the good of the world. Despite the constant merciless taunting of Deadpool, Colossus keeps coming back to help him. He is seen as the persistent sidekick of Deadpool throughout the two movies.
Here we have prepared a thorough guide to become the huge gentle metal man, who has an even bigger desire to do good. So Don your own superhuman strengths this year with an incredible Colossus costume!


Colossus Leather Vest

Worn by the legendary Andre Tricoteux while playing Colossus, this leather vest became a new style in the fashion industry. Its compelling black colour and the fabulous look was very much praised by the viewers. It has a round neckline and has a rayon inner lining. There is also a maroon patch on the front which makes it identical to the original one.


Colossus Pant

This high-quality denim is the second, and of course one of the very essential parts of the Colossus costume. These jeans can be used for cosplaying as well as in everyday outfits. Considering that this is a product of high quality, at a very affordable price, buying this is highly recommended!


Silver Bodysuit

The shiny and full-length silver bodysuit is something that will make you a standout amongst the numerous cosplayers present around you in any event. This will definitely make easier for your audience to identify the character you’re cosplaying. It is also very comfortable.


Colossus Mask

This Colossus mask is obviously an ideal addition to your Colossus costume. Wearing this will not only be a distinctive move as a cosplayer but will also give your Colossus costume a finished look.


Colossus Belt Buckle

Belts along with the buckles make a huge fashion statement and they need to be worn right. This is exactly why this belt buckle was chosen for the Colossus costume. It looks good and is very durable


Colossus Boot

These stylish and dapper boots have been designed as per the original boots were worn by Andre Tricoteux. It features a lace up closure and is available in a shade of black. The lace-up closure allows the shoes to have a snug fit balance with comfort. The flexibility of the laces maintains a firm grip to provide the right amount of support to your feet.